Monday, August 23, 2010

Exabytes BE COOL + HCC Sem2 2010

Exabytes’s Be Cool Contest – Win a free Xtudent Hosting and TLD Domain (worth SGD 39.90) as well as a chance to get an iPad (worth SGD 729.90) today!

How to join?
1. Enter here to Exabytes (SG)’s Facebook Page
2. Save the Be Cool Contest Picture and upload it to Exabytes (SG)’s Page
3. Tag 5 friends and ask them to like the picture
4. Post the link of the picture once you get 5 likes
5. Add Michael Ch'ng (person in charge) so that he can send you the coupon code
6. Taadah! You get your free Xtudent hosting and TLD domain :D !
To be qualified for the win-an-iPad contest:
1. Blog about the event using your free Xtudent hosting or use your own blog
2. Post your blog’s link at their Be Cool Contest photo album
3. You now stand a chance to win an iPad for free!

Terms & Conditions:
1. Every participant is entitled to only one Free Xtudent Hosting and TLD Domain only.
2. Exabytes reserves the right to amend or revise the terms and conditions of this promotion without prior notice.
3. Exabytes has the right to disqualify any participation which does not fulfill the requirements.
4. Participants MUST follow the instructions as above to qualify for the gift.
5. This contest ends on 13 September 2010.
6. The IPAD Winner will be announced on 4th October 2010.
Sounds simple doesn’t it? Do it NOW :D !

Me and Hexy

Stoned while they were singing China songs

Free Snack 

Birthday Girl CC

Mirror shot 1

Mirror shot 2

Too tired

Group shot 1

Group shot 2

Group shot 3

The Blogger

The Room

When You Say Nothing At All

23/8/2010 HCC Gurney RedBox with 7 others collegemates : This song is for the ones I♥ ~ My spotlight song

Er IDK what was this

Dinner here

My Dinner RM12

Reached college around 2ish to collect my timetable...then fetched Jing Ah Ying with me meet in Gurney. They decided to RedBox coz its CC's Bday. Redboxed 4-8ish(At 7pm they came in and informed us we can use till 9pm) I couldn't tahan ordered an egg sandwhich RM12. Dinner Cheez Backed Green Curry Chic Rice omg amazing

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