Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Merdeka Eve and Day

Monday, August 30, 2010 ~ Merdeka Eve

FMMorning 7ish go college d then half an hour befo 10AM they said class canceled lecturer sick = I could had bloody slept till noon. College-Gurney-College-Home

Random shot while waiting for ma friends to come

Mua taken by Max

A kinda blur pic but I like this picS edited to try n make it better = dunno better or worst

Group pica


Got high on this Purple THANG~(Grape Pixystix)

Cameron took Hexy recording

Polkadotted Black and White

Their fans



Backstage with Showstoppers

The Beatboxer friend ~ I hate ur Nike Kicks dude

Omg yeng naaa

Showstoppers on stage

DJ Spudnik


Luvenia O


With Showstoppers

Meet da younger sis <3

Past Times And Tragedies

With Polkadotted Black and White 4th place

BestFriend <3

Nooo twit wall went to sleep x(

Group pic ~ Digi Youth Jam'10

hahaha this part

That's where I was 95% of the time during this event

Jazz Tan

Met up with da gals Ele, Luv, MQ, Isa, Dhar. Walked around Times Square ended up at the stage area. Then the toilet. They got ready I went to set up ma stuff for Youth Talent Search Finale. Vain'd Crayz'd with Showstoppers backstage. Singing-Dance-Magic-Beatbox-Band performances/contestants/Dig giveaways throughout the whole night since 7pm. Met people like Hannah Chan, Dana, Megan Low, Daniela, Alex, Laura, Juey Fang. Had dinner with Showstoppers, Ele, Kerian and Sean. The girl dancer got 2nd, Cyndicade got 1st. BestFriend got 4th. Jazz got tossed. Owayne crowd surfed
Whole event ended with Balloons going up da sky(dint take pic T.T) Had a group pica. Meeting after it. Last pics but couldn't find ma siblings so went back reached around 2AM.


Thursday, August 31, 2010
Da gang(Wilson, KT, Jose, Wee Nee, Me, Celia)

Debby <3

Double Rootbeer

Opera-like singers

PTAT Acoustic Performance

In Chili's

Woke up by a text from BestFriend. Rushed washed up. Spent it with my gang and stayed for PTAT performance in Gurney. 2 hours about 45mins jam in Queensbay. Took 304 to Gurney. 10 mins in MPH before Granny texted me saying their done(they watched Step Up 3 2.40ish show) Couldn't join em too late. Broke off with Wilson Wong Sisters then went to A&W with Granny, Jose and KT coz I was hungry. They stayed till 6pm then I was there drinking Single Double Rootbeer till 7.30pm went to find the Penang Youths gang at the new wing stage. Had Chili's bowl of Chili(tasted like coney dog sauce) and Free refill chips(Did 8 rounds of Cold salsa + Hot chips). Hungout with Yu Tatt, Yi Jun, Christopher, Jay before YT fetched me back. He stays at my Taman also.

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