Sunday, August 1, 2010

PC Fair @ PISA

9pm : Just came back after spending like 4+ hours tech shopping 

Sony booths : About 2-3 Selling the NEX cams/CyberShots-Walkmans/Bloggie RM799/Alphas/a Lens/Camcorders-Vaio's/Stuff

I wanted to get that sports proof speakers but it was too expensive

So I settled for this : Bought all colors LOL

This was taken in the car after PISA : U can see me glistening
Dinner @ Komplex Makan Relau Medan Bayan

Damaged done around RM400

To all the obsessed fans out there ~ I have an Eclipse fan LOLOL
Summary : 
Nothing much to say. I had a late lunch at Old Town Sunshine before going. Its been a long long time since I went to PISA for PC Fair. Since 2008 if I'm not mistaken. Bought some Sonic Gear stuff(the earphones screwed up after 2 days but cost RM20 so yea) Its a nice place for a "gagetier" to go like me. Spotted Nick Ong working in 1 of the booths as well as Chuan Hah. Met Annie, Matthew Ooi and Johnson there. Wanted to find Winnie working at the Digi booth but couldn't find her so went back after that. Dint stay for the lucky draw

MTV World Stage'10 Malaysia was held yesterday @ Sunway Lagoon. I got 2 normal tixs but sold it off to Wendy for RM70 each. Dint wanna go coz it was free standing and I had a feeling it was gonna rain and it line up Bunkface, Tokio Hotel, Wonder Girls and Katy Perry wasn't enough to pull me to the event

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