Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SGGS Gurney

SGGS for photoshoot

New toy

Reached SGGS 2.30pm

1 hour I waited

Perasan sis

Luvenia ohh


Crazy person with my Nerds

My sis

Shot 1

Shot 2

Final edit

Black Forest Yogurt 

Group shot 1 ~ Thanks some random passer by(The gang thought I know her LOL)

Messing In Chicago Rib House

 Ben's Yummy Fishy n Chips

Joel's Burger

Pizza shared among me nee pz

Candid taken by Ben

PZ took this

Birthday Boy turns 18


Tha Gals

Ice Lemon Tea

This was shot when we saw Joel's camwhore pic on nee iPhone

Blackberry Bold yo!

Group shot 2 ~ Thanks Alex

Shopping with my Granny ~ Sorry I suck as a 2nd opinion

Last shot before she left

Jan's watch

The Blogger is mirroring

Wonka Candy
Awesome day! First got 2 spend time with Jan, Luvenia, Dharshini, Mee Quin, Isabelle, Sher Maine in SGGS from 2.30pm-5pm. Met BestF in the canteen gave her 2 Nerds Rope(Berry n Normal) for Abigail. Then headed off to Gurney Coffee Bean to meet ma SP gang. Had to break off with Jose Celia and Justin after Wee Nee arrived. Me PZ Nee Joel Ben walked around deciding where to eat went to Manila Place then walked off after they served us H2O(I felt bad). Dinner in Chicago Rib House. Broke off with all except Granny and we went shopping. Shops I went(Charles and Keith-Padini-Nichii) 9pm she left. Ended up having supper(9pm) in Sushi King before going home. That's my day~

This is from Joel's BBold = http://twitpic.com/2fkkm7  - Me and Joel in Chicago Rib House Gurney taken by Wee Nee  about 4 hours ago  via Twitter for BlackBerry®
http://twitpic.com/2fkl8e  - Sharing this with Wee Nee and Pei Zhen about 4 hours ago  via Twitter for BlackBerry®

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