Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sony TX5 Event @ Sunway Lagoon KL

Pictures in sequence : Penang-KL-Penang 6-9 August 2010 Destination Aeroline Queensbay ~ 2-12.40pm(Penang KL Penang)

Day 1 =
Snapple, Sandwich and testing of their new Frozen Swirl Yogurt @ Coffee Bean Queensbay

6.20pm start journey to SunwayP : My red egg broke Omg how tomorrow?!

Snapple Cap

Supper with @jellybeanzjj and her dad @ PappaRich Kota Kemuning(My tau fu fah and soya coffee jelly drink)

Staying in @jellybeanzjj house till Sunday. Oh damn past 2AM already and I gotta wake up at 8AM today - cousins asleep d NITEZing(Was playing with the webby effects)

Last min 12ish Jon agreed to go with me or else Diane would teman me for it. Packed ready went to Aeroline but no tix so bought 6pm to 1U. Killed time in Coffee Bean. Reached 1U at 11pm told my cousin she was kinda waiting for me at SunwayP. Met her friend Ben, dropped him home and then went for supper.

Day 2 =
I want to go for this ohh

I'm at the Sony TX5 Event held in Sunway Lagoon ~ Thanks Jon again for coming with me!

The Board

haha this pic I personally feel we're chubby lol

This is MY Team D2


Juztin Lau Kah Fai

Him again

and again

again again

The crowd

Its some person with him

Autograph lala~

At the Gift Shop

Ice Skating so many people

Cinnabons Minibons 15

Free prints by Sony

Dinner wit relatives and Cousin Yann in Ho Ho Steamboat, PJ(That's a big pot of soup)
Morning woke up at 8AM. Jia Ying went out already. Me ahku ahkim and Yann went to SS14 for breakfast. I just had a cup of HOT milo. Yann spilled ice milo on ahkims purse. Reached Sunway Surf Beach entrance around 9 thirty then 10 mins later Jon came and we went to the event. Lined up for like 15 mins when I overheard we were in the nuffnag line. We were supposed to be in the sony line~So the pictures above already tell the story. Went to meet Jon's friend at Sushi King then went to see if Piranhas was showing coz he wanted to watch. Q so freaking long so I suggested go buy Cinnabons yum! Broke off with them at Starbucks and I went and sat with this 2 dudes coz I wanted to charge ma phone. Ahku and Ahkim's nephew fetched me at 6 thirty then went to fetch Yann from Cheer practice. Had hot+ice milo while waiting. Steamboat consisting of crabs, lala, fishballs, meatballs, noodles, egg, bihun. Reached home around 10pm - washed up came down had choc ice cream and kit kat while chatting with Yann. I was nodding on and off so we went up to "sleep"

Day 3 =
Mirror image

Picture with Cousins(Jia Ying/Yann)

Yum Ribeye Steak BP sauce @ Fridays Queensbay

Newly renovated CYC Skating ring

Durian NOT Divine and Cookies n Cream @ NZNatural

Rooftop sky around 7pm

How many steps I took
Morning by 7.30AM left reached around 7.45AM SunwayP Aeroline. On off sleep on the bus, had Subway yum~reached Penang at 1pm. Coffee Bean Qb : You suck today. First got my pure vanilla cold instead of hot then you give me in a paper cup when I'm drinking here. Saw Amanda n Vanessa Ng, Yi Lin too. Lunch Fridays. Fresh Point Queensbay ~ Our usual Nokia shop. Wanted to watch Inception but no more seats left the 2 front. Went for free ice cream then home. Watched Cheer'10 on Astro 8tv for half an hour?!

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