Tuesday, September 28, 2010

RedBox Gurney

Went with a few collegemates after class aka Sye Li, Kenny and Senel. I sang a couple of songs by Simple Plan, M2M, Westlife, Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson from like 1-3pm while they sand CINA songs. An impromptu trip small group of us only.

Pictures :
Cream/Vege/Red Bean Soups + Salads

The Day You Went Away

Some song xD

Yimei's song selection

Why so emotional~no just full of passion

Sye Li, Kenny, Senel and I

Kenny left

Sye Li


WOOTS getting high on singing the song

P.S : I sang till I lost my voice *I try not to think about the pain I feel inside, did u know you used to be my hero...nothing's gonna change the things that we said...nothings gonna make this RIGHT again. Please don't turn your back I can't believe its hard to talk to you when you don't understand*

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy 18 Bday Celia Wong

Known this PERSON for ages...since 2004 in Sri Pelita. She's one of my close buddies up till today.
The one who always gets annoyed at me for talking too much.
The one who's always getting fed by my food LOL
The one who always hangs with me 80% of the time lately
The one who chills with me when I call...well most of the time anyways...among all my friends she's the one who I see MOST(besides her sis Debby) She tells me she's sick of me but its a lie xD

Happy Bday to YOU~Celia Wong here's to many more years of friendship

Taken during Justin Lim 17th Bday stay @ Hard Rock Hotel on 8/12/2009

Sunday, September 26, 2010

SGGS Installation 2010

Night before went to Queensbay when I reached I realized Shop&Sing Finale. Spent a few hours in Queensbay. Had Sushi King for Dinner.

Singing My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion

Winner of 2009

Checking out iPhone4

Target : To win an iPhone4 + Adam Lambert, Paramore, Malaysia Open + iPad ~ Promoting iPhone4 @ Digi Store Queensbay
P.S iPhone4 outta stock @ Digi Store Gurney

Plants vs Zombies

Terminator stuff

Dr Pepper spotted~

10-3pm : SGGS Hall : Theme Colours

Weirdness~taste like Cherry Coke to me and taste like "Hazelnut" to MQ


The old new Interactors

The President 

Main reason I came actually xD

Black-Tie Republic* 


Ice breaker


Given them Wonka PixySix

Ms World Peace explaining The Game

One of the game stations

Crapping session(Picture by Dana)


PFS = Best Attendance

Free dance

Pictures time

Went to Queensbay

Reached 10.30 Hungout with Showstoppers in some class. Speech sat with David and Felix when I pulled out my candy(white mystery air head) shared with the 2 guys and David was cracking me up. The girls infront looked at us(Me David Felix) weirdly~I couldn't stop giggling seeing as I can't LOL I was holding my sides pain from laughing so freaking much. Lucky it ended and I could go up to the stage area and take pics of Showstoppers performance. BTR* performed 3-5 acoustic songs dint really pay attention was chilling with my friends. Ice breaker(Isabelle did a scorpion*cheerleeding move-Malcolm flexed his muscles-Jan Dan sang a duet-Sylvia and a girl sang a china song-Barry and Felix sang Baby) -LUNCH- Games grouped with Chips, Isabelle MQ but ended up at the torture area with Hannah, David, Dana and BTR crapping while eating candy+marshmallows. 3ish went back to the hall coz game over they(Dharsh and Luv were MC) announced the winners. My group *ahem* but no prize mia. PFS won best supporters. Played this balance chair game. Free Dance. Photo taking session. -end-


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Friday, September 24, 2010

7aste Monte Carlo Penang

*I'm getting ready for a night of glamor, fast cars, spellbinding performances by DJs and exquisite food of #7aste Monte Carlo @ 32 Mansion*

I thought it was here at first LOL

OMG look at the Q when I arrived @ 32 Mansion

Some chick posing with the car Bentley

Carrera S

Finally after 25mins or more nearly reaching the end of the line

 VIP's got in easy T.T I wished I was one

Walked in met my friends playing the games

I thought it was some wine dispenser at first

ELECTRIC VIOLIN = Awesome + A guitarist that looks like SLASH 

Bet 7(2GB 7aste Pendrive), 77(iShuffle 2GB) or 777(iPad) to WIN

Lady DJ + Bryan 

Some friends 

11.53pm : Lost my iPad to them

Couldn't tahan went to play this for iTouch : Got 7 ashtrays gave 1 away

Winnings and A drink
Loads of drinks

 Me, Melvin and Bryan

I don't have to introduce this person right?! : Kinda sad coz no eye candy for me and I only got to take my friends pimping with the 7aste chicks T.T

Goodies of the night(Polaroid pic, Ashtray, 2GB Pendrive + Autographed An Honest Mistake CD)

See see AUTOGRAPHED ehhh

Pictures with most of the people met during the event(Povy, K Wen, Melvin Chuah, Ivan, Shu Lynn, Leonard, Victor, Melvin Tan, Bryan Koh)

Went like an hour late(event started at 7 thirty) Thought could ditch the long Q but when I reached the Q was so freaking LONG. Decided to walk around first(take pics ma) then I realized its not getting shorter but in face longer so I lined up. Halfway a 7aste girl came with the Polaroid cam and took a pic for me seeing as I was alone that sucked big time~ Registered myself and went in. Yee Ming had a problem coz the PC so called couldn't detect her or something but all was good she managed to go in. Walked around met Povy first then K Wen then Leonard/Bryan at the VIP area. Met a few others like Laura, Yee Ming, Sze Lin(MGS Gang but dint take pic with them FARK) Julia and her bf...uhh who else I heard Hazel was there. Spent like 95% of my time playing the games coz I really wanted the freaking iPad(Won Lost it sobs*) Nearly 12 thirty dad came he was waiting outside for like an hour when I was trying to with iPad iTouch. Took pics with da cars before leaving the place. Wanted to say bye to Bryan but he vanished. Went to McD Greenlane for supper 6pc nuggets M sprite Vanilla milkshake. Dint eat whole night 6-1am so damn hungry. Came back washed up crashed till 9am actually 7am was suppose to follow MQ to SGGS Installation but I was so damn tired woke up at 7am texted MQ say no need lucky mum can fetch and that is the end-Might go for the Ecobar, KL one. Not happy dint win the iPad iTouch iShuffle >;(

The next one would be held in Ecobar, KL on the 8 October. Register here and then just go on that day register yourself and have fun. If not you would be charged RM77* walk in~

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May the force be with you when you write LOL

Collectible Tin

TK-421 iPhone Case with Flip-Out Keyboard