Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2 Movies 2 Days 2 Places

Monday, 20 September, 2010 ~ The King Of Fighters @ Queensbay
I was raining as I was going home so I took a detour to Queensbay and decided to watch a movie. The movie was alright. Compared with Tekken I would say this was kinda sorta nicer in terms of storyline. Tekken was predictable and I dint know what this was all about so yeah I felt this was a nicer movie.

Tuesday, 21 September, 2010 ~ Going The Distance @ Gurney + Happy 1 month Cameron + Daniel Lim kor Birthday today GO DRY HUMPING hahahahaa
Felix Lim's bday too omg another LIM kawan

Senel was going to Gurney so I asked him to fetch me too. Hungout with him and his 2 oldmates in McD 11-1pm then I went to watch a movie alone(again). 15mins into the movie I was already laughing like mad. OMG this show is full of swearing its like every 5mins Drew Barrymore or Justin Long or one of the other people starts swearing their head off~ Not a movie for innocent people to watch but the storyline was amazing. Its about far-broken-fixing-new relationship kinda story. I will give this 2 thumbs up simply because this is a movie I simply enjoyed and it really cracked touched my heart me up

Its been awhile since I had this McTwist Strawberry(The only pica I took in like 3 days WTF)

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