Thursday, September 2, 2010

Apple Music Event + HCC GAA 2010

Apple Music Event on 9/01 ~ Its nearly 2AM and I'm on -link- watching it. I think 2mins more I'ma go to bed
On apple Youtube -link-

All the new new new products(apple tv, iPod Nano touch screen, iPod Shuffle redesigned, iPhone4 iTouch without the phone function but with facetime and vid recording)

I signed up for this ~ Hopefully I'll get selected

News from - dpreview /engadget




Speech by Hansel


Singing I'm Yours and Sweet Caroline



Now this is bad

woah rape?!

Cool nyaa

hahaha I enjoyed this sketch

Singing Kiss Me

2 is better than 1

Sexy dance

Some of ma collegemates

ohh dear lunch q so long

Lining up for food

Had HCC GAA 2010 today. Went fo Microeco then 10pm went to Lim Lean Teng Hall for it. They had speach-dance-awards-singing(Hansel and Joseph)-awards-skitt-performances. 1pm treated to a free lunch by college WOOT~

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