Saturday, September 18, 2010

Canon EOS 60D Product Preview @ Penang

Canon has unveiled the EOS 60D mid-level DSLR, replacing the EOS 50D. However, following the launch of the EOS 7D, the 60D has been repositioned in the market, so isn't a simple upgrade to its predecessor. Instead the 60D is a smaller camera featuring an articulated screen and plastic body shell and utilizing SD memory cards. It combines the 18MP CMOS sensor and 1040k dot 3.0" LCD from the EOS 550D (Rebel T2i) with the AF system from the 50D. Meanwhile it gains the 7D's HD movie capability. We've had a chance to use a pre-production 60D so have prepared a hands-on preview, including sample images and movies.
Its here

The Map

Pictures taken with Canon 550D

Introducing the overview/who needs it blah blah


Kalvin took this for me

I hate this camera : Its perfect for vlogging!!!

Its me with Canon 60D : Btw Cameron was jealous when I took this using him*

Shooting Mighty Beanz

Freaking awesome LOMO effect


Ice Kacang KOSONG

I think it kinda looks cool in an artistic way

My photography lecturer Max Lim's 7D

The EOS Boutique : Check out their facebook -link-

Pictures taken with Canon 60D all unedited straight from the cam and just watermarked

Playing with all the Creative Filter(Normal, B&W, Toy effect NORMAL-COOL-HOT and Miniature Effect)

Kalvin Khoo : Using Cameron taking me and the 60D

Mighty Beanz : Toy effect NORMAL-COOL-HOT

Me and Cameron with all the Creative Filter

Cameron : Normal and Toy Normal

I don't know what happened to this pictures

This are all basically from the talk and my own opinions

Who needs this camera? 
People who wanna cheat their way to become an EOS Buddy Club member
Women who wanna look pro without buying the more expensive or feeling the full weight of a real DSLR
Professional photographers who are looking to get a second body(same battery as 7D)
People like me who loves LOMO effects
People who just wanna edit in the cam and straightaway upload without anymore touch ups

Is this camera good/better than the current Canon 550D?
It still records in FULL HD and its 18 mega pixels. The only thing added would be the Creative Filters or else its pretty much the same. The weight however 60D(755g) is slightly heavier by 40% compared with the 550D(530g). Love the flip out LCD screen though~

Click here for the 550D v 60D comparison

Night mums gathering : Lantern festival + Sept Month Bdays + Kiddys came 10ish watched Pokemon till 12ish they went back + Played with Vincy(7-2AM)

Pictures taken with Canon 550D


KY + Vincy

3 of us

The Blogger

Handmade I think

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