Sunday, September 19, 2010

CLHS Interact Club Installation 2010

 WTF my net closed and have to post this again

11-5pm : Wizardry : CLHS Hall ~ Started like at 11 thirty. Lunch 12 till 1 thirty. Overall okay la coz get to hang with friends. RM20
5-7pm : Gurney Chili's with Kevin, David, JJ, Marcus ~ Black day fo us. Talked bout randomess stuff getting out mind out Spent RM40 T.T

MC took this

Magician Act

Dana took this

Han Chiang has interactors?!


Black-Tie Republic

SGGS gals

DJ Joshua Lim

I like this shot one of the Eleven Hour dancers

PTAT performing 1st time : Crowd responsive

Second time : Dead crowd

Fire wallet again~


Sing sing SING : Airplanes are like shooting stars


Past Times And Tragedies

Mountain Dew

Best Attendance goes to SGGS

Lucky winner of the games : She won a 8GB waterproof pendrive I think

Mars Icy Gang

Promoting the badges

Only group shot : Nic blurr ehh x(

I was here : CLHS Installation 2010

Mei Chern won best dressed LOL

byebyebye CLHS

The guys and I headed to Gurney - Rapid 201/101 came down CPT walked to Gurney

Free refills

Forgot what burger RM21

Group shot one two three


More pictures click here

Mei Chern our solo

U see how many we had to take LOL

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