Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy 18 Bday Celia Wong

Known this PERSON for ages...since 2004 in Sri Pelita. She's one of my close buddies up till today.
The one who always gets annoyed at me for talking too much.
The one who's always getting fed by my food LOL
The one who always hangs with me 80% of the time lately
The one who chills with me when I call...well most of the time anyways...among all my friends she's the one who I see MOST(besides her sis Debby) She tells me she's sick of me but its a lie xD

Happy Bday to YOU~Celia Wong here's to many more years of friendship

Taken during Justin Lim 17th Bday stay @ Hard Rock Hotel on 8/12/2009

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