Tuesday, September 28, 2010

RedBox Gurney

Went with a few collegemates after class aka Sye Li, Kenny and Senel. I sang a couple of songs by Simple Plan, M2M, Westlife, Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson from like 1-3pm while they sand CINA songs. An impromptu trip small group of us only.

Pictures :
Cream/Vege/Red Bean Soups + Salads

The Day You Went Away

Some song xD

Yimei's song selection

Why so emotional~no just full of passion

Sye Li, Kenny, Senel and I

Kenny left

Sye Li


WOOTS getting high on singing the song

P.S : I sang till I lost my voice *I try not to think about the pain I feel inside, did u know you used to be my hero...nothing's gonna change the things that we said...nothings gonna make this RIGHT again. Please don't turn your back I can't believe its hard to talk to you when you don't understand*

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