Sunday, September 26, 2010

SGGS Installation 2010

Night before went to Queensbay when I reached I realized Shop&Sing Finale. Spent a few hours in Queensbay. Had Sushi King for Dinner.

Singing My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion

Winner of 2009

Checking out iPhone4

Target : To win an iPhone4 + Adam Lambert, Paramore, Malaysia Open + iPad ~ Promoting iPhone4 @ Digi Store Queensbay
P.S iPhone4 outta stock @ Digi Store Gurney

Plants vs Zombies

Terminator stuff

Dr Pepper spotted~

10-3pm : SGGS Hall : Theme Colours

Weirdness~taste like Cherry Coke to me and taste like "Hazelnut" to MQ


The old new Interactors

The President 

Main reason I came actually xD

Black-Tie Republic* 


Ice breaker


Given them Wonka PixySix

Ms World Peace explaining The Game

One of the game stations

Crapping session(Picture by Dana)


PFS = Best Attendance

Free dance

Pictures time

Went to Queensbay

Reached 10.30 Hungout with Showstoppers in some class. Speech sat with David and Felix when I pulled out my candy(white mystery air head) shared with the 2 guys and David was cracking me up. The girls infront looked at us(Me David Felix) weirdly~I couldn't stop giggling seeing as I can't LOL I was holding my sides pain from laughing so freaking much. Lucky it ended and I could go up to the stage area and take pics of Showstoppers performance. BTR* performed 3-5 acoustic songs dint really pay attention was chilling with my friends. Ice breaker(Isabelle did a scorpion*cheerleeding move-Malcolm flexed his muscles-Jan Dan sang a duet-Sylvia and a girl sang a china song-Barry and Felix sang Baby) -LUNCH- Games grouped with Chips, Isabelle MQ but ended up at the torture area with Hannah, David, Dana and BTR crapping while eating candy+marshmallows. 3ish went back to the hall coz game over they(Dharsh and Luv were MC) announced the winners. My group *ahem* but no prize mia. PFS won best supporters. Played this balance chair game. Free Dance. Photo taking session. -end-


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