Monday, September 6, 2010

Raya Week 2010

No holidays for me. Classes go on as usual. What I did this whole of the Raya Hols~

Monday, September 6, 2010 ~ Step Up with Crocs

Ate in Paddington's. Bought a pair of Melbourne W7 Purple Crocs. Watched Step Up3 with mum in Queensbay. Had a Couple JCool after da movie

Playing with D.O.F(Depth Of Field)

Scrummy Food @ Paddington's House of Pancakes

Nerf @ Toys R Us

JCool with Kiwi+Strawberry+Almond Flakes(mum requested for this)

MY brand new Crocs I got RM30 off with the DiGi Crocs Voucher

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 ~ Lunch @ Secret Recipe

Mum took me out for lunch then she dropped me home and went to the hair saloon.

Frosty Lemon Tea

Mushroom soup + Seafood Spring Rolls

Beef Chicken Spaghetti = Horrible they used mozzarella cheez wtf who does that in this dish? Apparently them

Chicken Corden Bleu = Not enough cheez ooozing out and by that I mean normally when I cut my first bite the cheez would overflow out

a MUST for my mum = A cappuccino
Watched this supported Jazz Tan but she lost

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 ~ Stay-Edit-Pictures-Day = FAILED*updated 21/9/10
8...9...10 ~ I'ma getting a NERF today!!! uhh change of plans getting it tomorrow instead

Stuff that rocks =

Thursday, September 9, 2010 ~ PCK + Nerf + Mighty Beanz
  • College Microeco T just ended. Next class 2pm cause 10-12 canceled
  • Had a long call of 36.06m with @shermaine18 while waiting for @rapidpg to pass PFS
  • I waited for 50mins PFS now at the bus terminal waiting for another @rapidpg to Queensbay. Faster la rapid zzz ur damn SLOW 
  • @GSCinemas Queensbay ~ Watching PCK The Movie 5.15pm Cine4 with mum and her friend
  • Dropped by @SwitchTM Queensbay to check out the iPods(new ones coming out 3 weeks time) 
  • Toys Queensbay ~ Bought a @nerfnation Nerf AS-1 and a 6 pack Mighty Beanz as MY 1st Blogging Present to Myself
  • In Dome Queensbay having The Usual for dinner 
Nerf madness

What's in the bag?!

MY Dinner @ Dome

Meet Hazel

Catched up/Walked her out and took a last pic ~ Haven't seen her in god knows how long

Friday, September 10, 2010 ~ Floorball and "Raya Shopping"
Dad came back like an hour late with Wonka(so I forgived him hahaa) Went for Floorball @ RC Saberz first official training. Chatted with Jerah(Daniel's older bro) bout playing D3 for his team. He needs a forward-mid player replacement. Off to Sunshine to buy some pants coz mine were like loose. Ended up buying 1k worth of clothes/new *cough* Nike Dunk Low and RM500ish on groceries. Hell I told my mum bout the shopping but not the new kicks later she explode heee maybe Bday/Xmas only take out and wear which is like 2-3 months away.

Pictures :
 Candy LOTS of em

Nerds Rope(old/new packaging)

The bro-in-law Daniel Teoh

I know I know I should had taken more sorry~

The red one won me over

DAMN NIKE HIGH TOPS ~ If it wasn't PINK I would have gotten this

In the changing room trying out Forest ~ Ehh pac man shirt me like

One long sleeved I found rather nice

and ohh Body Glove ~ love the shorts

My dear Kampai Ice - okay so they're not alcoholic but they come in packs of 2 consisting of alcohol and non

The term shop till you drop happened

Cannot wear but can drool over em ~ The Box

Overview of the shoes

Artistic view?!

Much <3 from MY Nikes

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