Friday, October 29, 2010

BOTB Finals

Battle of the Bands Finals happening today @ SGGS from 5-7pm. ITs RM10 per entry but I went in FREE ahaha suckers!!! Actually thanks Mei Chern for the tix x)

Kristle & Chih Pei - My niece and sis lmao


Darren Ooi took this for me


Album cover?!

Chili's Gurney. This people no need to intro right haha

Took rapid their went half an hour late like 5 thirtyish. Didn't feel like going coz SGGS damn hot mia but PTAT and Showstoppers were guest performance and  I was sorta their unofficial official photographer so I went. Got to spent time with a couple of humans like Tle, Tie, Chih Pei, Jan, MQ, Luv, Izzaty and few others. PasTmotion won and BTR got 3rd. Passed Carmen the Wonka candy for Reg coz dint see her. Walked all the way to Gurney after the event ended around 7 ended up makan in Chili's. 
People owe me money - David RM15 Marcus RM22 Zarris RM2

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