Saturday, October 16, 2010

Canon PhotoMarathon 2010

12pm : Posting this in Old Town NWP. omgggg die so many things to UPDATE~lazyyyyyyyyyyy nia...I wanna damn hot...feeling so sweaty....arghhh not sleepyy I feel like ffking this thing. Friends also not here and now I don't feel like going out of Old Town NWP back to the streets for shooting
Just came back from KL at 7AM. Washed up, recharged my battery's and rushed off to Tanjung City Marina for this event.
3 Themes we were given : Eye on EOS/Humanity/Delicious. I felt it was like a Penang Heritage Walk combined PhotoMarathon. Registered myself and got a Tee+Water+Map+Towel+Coconut Jelly(idk for what) Went back to the venue to upload my 3 final pics then when back to rest for 2 hours.
Pictures of the Day :
Eye on EOS shot
I like this shot more than the first regretted not choosing this
haha wanted to sneak capture but he posed
Canon PhotoMarathon 2010 @ Penang, Fort Cornwallis
*Truth be told, she puts on a facade and it’s been working so greatly for her but one day something’s gotta give it away*
A cross hanging on the wall of the fort
Checkpoint 2 Humanity

Humanity shot
Taken @ Cheah Kongsi haha felt like taking BlackWhite shots
Spotted : The Blogger
Checkpoint 3 Delicious
Famous desert in Penang

ShotS of me

At 8pm they were showing a slideshow of 2k pictures taken by all the contestants about 1.3k went for this event. We even had people from Egypt here and a dude from France staying in Penang who came for this. We waited till approx 11.30pm only they announced the winners zzzz They had a chat with a couple of people and gave out a mini 1D Mark IV I dint go to the stage fast enough...other premiums like the canon 100mm tumbler(I got it from 60D Product Preview)...a pendrive(I WANT!!!) and screen protectors were given out. Unfortunately I did not get anyTHING but I got to meet a fellow photographer/blogger/twit buddy for the first time and I hungout with him throughout the closing. Saw Wai Hoe around too. It rained halfway during the event but lucky it stopped soon after. Dint manage to take with fellow canon people I met like Xavier, Sabrina and others. Overall the event was alright...wished more kakis went but for the first time in history I did not meet at lease 40% of my friends etc during this event. It was more like 5% only LOLS
Pictures of the Night :
I was bored*
They gave ONE of those zzz I missed my chance
Fellow photographer/blogger/twit buddy PheayRong
ohhh look GOOGLE MAIL

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