Monday, October 4, 2010

Toy Museum

Had class this morning and since I was DAMN EARLY ~ like 3 hours early I decided to walk as slow as possible to college. Did like a "photoshoot" of my walk-way to college btw some pics got glare coz of the sun. I really need to get a lens hood for Cameron! After class went to McD Greenlane for lunch then Rapid Penang HQ with the Ipoh Girls to do our Rapid Pass. Thanks Senel for fetching me to Pulau Tikus stop.

ITs a place where your childhood memories come to life. All the toys you used to have or its packed somewhere in your storeroom its here. Went to the horror section and saw Chucky in all sorts of looks. Freddy Kougar was there. Nightmare Before Christmas etc M&M, Pokemon, Fantastic Four, Looney Toons, Garfield, Narnia, Atlantis, Hulk, Justice name it they have it! The biggest attraction there was their STAR WARS collection and me being a rather huge fan went wild at the sight of all those toys. It was simply a sight I could not ever forget...besides the Star Wars Convention at the Singapore Science Center back 2005 I think which I went for. Its RM10 for Malaysians to enter and RM20 for Foreigners. Lucky I went in solo coz I don't think my friends would appreciate this place more than me. The pictures with the Giant Toys would only show half of me sadly x(

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