Thursday, October 28, 2010

You Again

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 ~ Happy 19th Bday Cat

Thursday, October 28, 2010 ~ (the title)

So morning had Microeco then about 11pm left college took 304 to Queensbay. Went to check what movie I could watch I reached around 11.50pm. Saw You Again was showing at 12.05pm so I straight bought a tix and went for the show, there were about 9 of us including me watching it LOL. This show is about old rivals in high school who forgot each other and moved on with their lives and still having a grudge against one another. Towards the end they simply forgive each other and "they live happily every after" <- ok that last part was lame xD
Went in to ToyS and found Iron Man2 Nerf gun o.O and FAKE Mighty Beanz!!! China strikes again~
Spent 2 hours in Switch playing Surviving High School(last week 7/8) on the iPhone4 when my mum decided to reach argh!!! Dropped by BR but no flavours wth SO I went home icyless. At seven ten I glanced out my window and saw the most beautiful scenery I ever had in the sky and took some pics of it.

7.29pm : *I just called BestFriend @eleashachew and chatted with her for like 2mins. Its 6AM in Chicago : She's currently going for breakfast <3 IMY*

Watched TARA4 and went to bed...after 4 hours ahaha x)

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