Monday, November 22, 2010

BestFriend Back US

Went to meet her at 9 thirty AM before going for class. It was bloody raining ishh lucky she could fetch me to college wheeeeee. Oh and Sarah is back!
*Thanks for accompanying me today <3 Felt so emo till you cheered me up*

Thanks for the hoodie BestF~I <3 IT oh she's teaching me the NIU Husky sign

Banana flavored donut :'(

Arguing with BestF about this donut haha

The Family fetched me to college...After college walked to RC coz Saberz ada their first friendly match I was their unofficial official photographer with Winnie but I don't remember if she took pics or not. I can remember Dan's family went

Jian Ming

Taking the shot

1...2...3 cheers

Group pix with Kent Ridge Secondary School Floorball

The playerz of Saberz Floorball Club that played

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