Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy 15th Debby Wong

Surprise cannot be uploaded zzz

So Debby called me like around 1ish after my HCC Shooting presentation...planned to go and watch Harry Potter DH part 1 with Wai Keong, Max, Corby and Jesselyn but she told me she bought tix for me to watch Rapunzel already so called mum rushed to Queensbay to meet up with my juniors. After the movie Su Ying lost her phone in the Cinema so we sort of broke in but failed. Walked all over Queensbay with juniors(Nelly, Su Lin, Su Ying, Renee, Li Ying, Debby, Me, Sarah, Haein and Jason <- Movie sitting arrangement) Debby and Renee went back skating, Su Ying/Lin left and me LY2 walked around. I treated her NZNatural before meeting up with Debby and Renee. Took a group pic then me Sarah Jason went to Borders for awhile saw Ben Hor. Then I went home around 9pm

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