Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday of Saberz Floorball

Okay so I decided to go for training today after being missing for 2 months I THINK~hahahaha and today was awesome. After class and human project I took Rapid 201 to RC and walked all the way in. Was 45mins EARLY so I chilled and read my photo mag while waiting for the rest to show up. It was from 3.30-6.30pm

We did

  1. 2 lines-1 line pass to the center take a shot and vice versa.
  2. Codenamed zigzaged 2 we were supposed to pass a ball from one end diagonally then run and receive the ball from the person who replaced my spot at the end take a shot.
  3. Goalie + 2 defender lines vs 3 forward lines.
-Game Time-

Game 1 : I was in Line4 with Brenda Leon and 2 other guys er Bryan n Jason as defenders. 2 mins into the game I managed to score a goal(Dan was the keeper) WOOTS so awesome~ 2-0 Goalie = Bryan Teoh
Game 2 : Against -forgot- passing and game better. Scored 2 goals Goalie = Dan Teoh
Game 3 : Against the senior team aka ZTEC so was trashed okay not sooo bad but 5-0(thanks Dan for having some amazing saves if not I think the score would be 8-0 maybe) Goalie = Dan Teoh

Hungout with Jan most of the time bitching about that dude who thinks he's so damn pro(I WANNA SLAP HIS FACE xD). Caught up most of the time during training and if we both weren't on court playing. Went home around 7pm, it was raining ATM so thank god Dan could fetch me back. Jian Ming followed too and I had a little chat with Dan during the ride home x) Thankiew for the Vanilla Milkshake hehehehee

*<3 today yo ~ got to spent time with my lil sis and teach her a lil more about Floorball*

Happy Bday Hansel Khoo

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