Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tech Deck Fingerboards

WHOOOOooooo finally after 2 days(monday) since humans came back from US - I got Joshua Lim to buy me some...I managed to get em today. Had to go to GURNEY to get it though, lousy fella made me go LOL and ohhhhh before that went to Kyle's place HE GAVE ME ONE FREE!!! THANK YOU x infinity
Bought from Tilly's Maryland, Annapolis Mall OH OH and this was bought on the 17/11/10 5.25pm = ONE MONTH BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY!!!

If you don't know what a fingerboard is click here -link-

From Kyle Chan(Freeeeeeeeee can never thank him enough)
From Joshua Lim(I bought 3 for RM50 worth it right)

Mobile Uploads from my Nokia X6 :

@mightybeanz + @TechDeckBoards

Missed my (Firefly) flight and did this

Mummy shopping, Me fingerboarding

Read this Yimei -link-

I was hoping they got me with a case for my fingerboards like this from the Compet.ition Series -link-

Black Dipped Tech Deck -link-


SKATERZ said...

cool u fingerboard... do u know where to get those tech decks in penang?

Lim Yimei said...

SKATERZ : Uh more like collecting em. I suck at fingerboarding(can't even ollie) The booths around the mall. I'm usually skeptical about them but I recently found the new ones in Queensbay. I think they're genuine but I dare not buy them. I have bought some from KL Midvalley Hobby Shop

SKATERZ said...

oho yea i see,it is somehow quite hard to do tricks on it. in queensbay,okaay i'll try looking around. ya there's lots in KL, even skateboards too are easier to get over there

SKATERZ said...

hey is there any difference between tech deck and fingerboard??

Lim Yimei said...

SKATERZ : Yeah, you have problems landing tricks too? I don't know how the pros do it so easily. Agreed. I think there's a skate shop in Prangin. Erm Tech Deck is the brand of a fingerboard LOL

SKATERZ said...

yep, i have no idea how too. i know there's one in komtar but the stuff there is quite costly, and they don't sell beginner board :/ oh okay, but why is it that tech deck is cheaper than fingerboard?

Lim Yimei said...

SKATERZ : Yeah. Cause Tech Deck are for consumers/people who are getting into fingerboarding without wanting to spend so much money yet. It's like buying a "beginner sk8 board"