Friday, December 10, 2010

7aste New York Penang

Yesterday was TARA4 Finale. Claire and Michelle got 2nd but its all good I'm still proud

Dint stay till the end coz it was I had to follow my friend home but at lease I got 2 catch my beatboxer buddy Shane...too bad the bloody pic turned out horrible anyways here are some pics of the night

After registering myself I got this

Me and my girls with the 7aste backdrop + 7aste girls

Wahlauuu his damn funny!!!

Look at the freaking Q, lucky I went in early

Harith Iskander

Partying it out with my girls. Signing ouT~

It was too packed this time...unlike the 7aste Monte Carlo and they promised me VIP treatment this time but in the end tak jadi *sighs* Previous 7aste with VIP status would be better

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