Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rapid Penang Sneak Peek

Meeting place was at Weld Quay @ 8AM - Then we headed off to Rapid Academy for a lil history lesson. Lucky they served us breakfast before it, I was attacking the tuna sandwiches like there's no more food on earth cause I was that hungry and didn't have breakfast.

After the really interesting talk everyone headed outside to look at how Rapid works blah blah. Felix and I were like no why can't we test drive cause during the talk Rapid said we would be seeing a demo test drive, I thought we were going to try driving a simulation of some sort too bad for us we would be watching it only. So we ended up chatting, chilling and taking pics while they were explaining the technical stuff of Rapid.

 Lucky I had a kaki this time for an event

I was so fascinated with the ramp I don't know why

Taken inside Rapid

A kid being cheeky

After god-knows-how-long we got on the Eco Bus(I thought we were going to sit on the Mobile bus) and started sapu-ing the prizes for the questions given. It was an extremely LONG drive back to the mainland so I slept. Woke up dropped by Komtar to see the ICIS Display aka "The Screen" at Komtar Bus Terminal before heading to Rapid HQ @ Lorong Kulit.

"kampai" it means cheers in Japanese. Felix and I celebrating our wins from the Q&A session

Stuck in a jam

Finally we got off the bus and into another COOL room while listening to the talk on how Rapid ICIS works then its a walk+explanations of the Rapid Workshop or rather the Garage. In my mind I was only thinking of one word which was LUNCH. Finally after 30 mins or so we had LUNCH for an hour during that time my plate was filled with fried rice, omelet, vege and lasagna(it was so damn bad the cheez was so strong I dint touch it) Halfway through Melissa said the CEO couldn't join us but we had a call from him and he wished us luck...hope your enjoying yourself kinda chat with him. I was busy tucking in my ICE KACANG sarsi + condense milk combo and kaya kui desert heh Took a group photo then FINALLY we were going on the Mobile.

We got to experience the ICIS 

Ok so I can't compare the wheels but I wanted to. It was bigger than my head...there was a pic but it didn't turn out good

How many times can you do this in Rapid HQ?!


My personal behind-the-counter picture

After taking the group picture we were told to go to the Mobile bus so yeah we went and started taking pics like crazy before other people came. Next up a Heritage Tour(Craft Batik, Bee Farm, Songkok Making and Traditional Signage Making) Cut the trip short coz it was raining heavily, managed to go for the first two. The ride on Mobile was crazy cause Felix and I were like cracking up and talking too much haha SORRY for the noise haha I was enjoying myself.

WooT on Mobile

Wannabe Radio DJ

They sell cool stuff at the Craft Batik shop 

Bee Farm

Its RM8 for a pack I bought 2 LOL

Don't blame me it was raining and I quickly asked Felix to take the shot before covering Cameron(My camera) from the rain

Awww we were heading to Weld Quay

MUST WATCH!!! I'm supporting Michelle and Claire~

Arrived at Weld Quey around 5pm. Said my last goodbyes with the Rapid Crew then took Rapid to BestFriend's house to chillax there. It was a very informative tour about Rapid Penang and I would like to thank them for inviting me for this event.

Meet Clarisse

The 2 buses we were on during the trip

BestFriend's house 

Goodies of the day

Well that's it. Signing off~thanks for reading...and PICK me xD

Group picture

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