Sunday, December 5, 2010

Switch World II 2010

Woke up so damn early...wanted to be first in line...tried my luck...= fail'd

Trying Depth of Field with Manual focus on Cameron

So sleepy

Wanted to be first sigh*

Dad let me try again T.T

Super awesome lunch~

Too expensive can only take a pic of this

Hehehe she trying act cute?!

Maxis Queensbay

iGot Apple

Ok only this lamb dinner

Nice bokeh~

Decoration outside

Beats by Dr Dre Studio

Dint win the iTouch/Nano 5G but I got an apple xD So went for Switch World II held in Queensbay. Tried my luck during Switch99 draw x2 but got the red bag and iPhone armband packages(see pic below) Begged Dad to get me Beats by Dr Dre headphones but impossible to get obviously. The one I want its RM1k xO in the end he opt to get me iPhone4 instead so went to Maxis Center and got 32GB under 1 year contract RM1.8k coz 2 years RM100 diff so what for. Upgraded my mobile net to RM90 per month unlimited. Went back to Switch World and used up my RM20 cash voucher x2 to get a screen protector and red leather casing for my phone.

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