Sunday, January 9, 2011

Low Wee Nee 19th

HEY my granny,
Your birthday is today and you have one more year of being a TEEN before you step into young adulthood~omg I just turned 18 not long ago and your already man haha I really don't know what to give you like seriously o.O if your reading this then as your present I shall...make you cry xD I know your coming back in like 3-4 months time but it won't be the same...your presence will be missed here on the island omg so cheezy btw you said there was going to be a party and u LIED!!! The person who was there for me even though you don't realize it. Have a safe flight and I'll see you VERY soon~

For you -Temporary Home Granny don't cry~
Last Name
Best Days Of Your Life
So Small
Don't Forget To Remember Me
I Gotta Feeling by iJustine
Because You Live

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