Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kek Lok Si

So mums friend came to fetch us at 5pm. Reached half an hour later only to realize I forgot Cameron and Hexy >.<" Took a bus to Komtar-Home. Prayed Dad was back, he came home 5mins after I reached. Ended up he fetch me back there around 8 thirty. Met with mums gang. Reached home around midnight.

Spotted a kid using DSLR x.x

Plants vs. Zombies

Second bought app the first was Fruit Ninja(on this date 2 months ago LOL)...accident bought a few apps last tuesday but I dint know they were paid apps zzz I wasted like RM30 plus minus coz of that

See my Fruit Ninja post here

Thursday, February 24, 2011

MSSPP Zon Ping Pong 2011

Went for this for the past 3 days between/before/after my classes to support my old team Zon Kelawai

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ballz #8: Tennis

Friday, February 11, 2010 ~ Saberz vs Firebrands Patriots
It was held at RC so the lighting for the pictures were horrible. I tried increasing the ISO etc = failed and this were the only nice shots I could take unfortunately

Thursday, February 17, 2010 ~ 1st Avenue Mall
Rogol'd this mall today. Top to bottom (okay u pervs stop thinking wrong LOLOL) will be updating bout this ASAP~

College-Komtar-8th floor-Sony-Converse-RSH-Pixus(Created a new 4sq location here)-Komtar Bus-Home

Today's post =
So yesterday I slept kinda early(10ish) and next thing I know I woke up at 4AM my god. Had like 5 hours to kill so I watched One Tree Hill S5 E10-12 before leaving to USM. Took @rapidpg 302 to the front of USM courts and walked in. Met Nicholas and the Rotaract gang. Became Shawn's assistant(he was the coach and my FTS senior) and taught them how to hold the racket/hit/serve. Went for lunch with them after tennis. Had tauhua + soya. Bought back 2+2 mua chee & corn cup RM2 each. Came home around 2ish. Slept till 6ish. Thats my day~

Pictures =

The -link- of this event I was invited to

You can buy stuff like the one above that when you visit Universal Orlando The Wizarding World of Harry Potter -link- or online -link

Read all about it here -link-

CHECK THIS OUT - The iPhone Telephoto Lens -link- via @photojojo

The iPhone Telephoto Zoom Lens attaches to your phone giving your fixed lens 8x the zoom!

A cinch to use, just snap on the case and screw in the lens.

Each lens comes with a case and a mini-tripod. Just make sure you chose the right version for your phone (iPhone 3G/3Gs or iPhone 4).

The lens has a rubber grip to help you focus on your subject, just like a real telephoto.

The whole shabang: case, lens, cleaning cloth, tripod and phone mount!