Thursday, March 31, 2011

Justin Bieber Malaysia Fever

Are you a JB FAN...or just a person who loves to join contests like me? xD Well here are some contests that you might want to join. It's FREE and it only takes an hour of your time just to join them. Go to Advertlets for more info bout the comps below.

So first up the My World Tour Concert :  
1. Like my picture -link-
2. Like my vid...unfortunately its not uploaded on Advertlets Video Page but I uploaded in on Youtube so I don't think I'll be eligible but if you can find it on the wall and like hopefully it can work xD -link-

Second is the Never Say Never Movie Premiere :
1. About TuneTalk prepaid -link-
2. I deserve to attend the movie premiere because JB is AWESOME! He is an inspiration to all the youths who are trying to break into the music biz and I would love to watch his transformation on being a nobody in a small town to a somebody in the world.
3. The phrase "Never Say Never" to me means, No matter how hard life gets you mustn't give up because if you do that means your giving up on Him who has gave you life and that isn't a good thing for you to do to repay Him right? There are people who would rather live yours than to go through their own and you must be grateful your life is not as bad as theirs.
4. Done see the two pictures xD

Closing date is tonight(March 31st) oh wth~I hope I win 2/3 contests here xD

I received this tweet from Shinjiru -link- (Contest from March 28-April 8)
+  LIVE in Singapore April 19 -link

Rapid Penang is having one contest too -link- (Contest from March 7-April 7)

If JB were to come to Penang, I would show him the cultural Penang in the shortest time possible, as his schedule is usually very tight.

The journey starts upon his arrival at the Airport in the morning. We will take Rapidpg bus 401E to a famous coffee shop at Sungai Tiram for egg & toast Breakfast. He could also taste the equally famous nasi lemak at the shop.

We will then take Rapidpg bus 401E again for a short distance to visit the Snake Temple. The temple is so fascinating that viper snakes were docile and could be touch with bare hands, if you are courageous enough.

Next we'll take any Rapidpg bus along the route to Komtar, and transfer to a Rapidpg Central Area Transit (CAT) bus to visit the many of Heritage sites here in Penang. For example St Georges Chapel, Century old Kuan Yin Temple, Kapital Kling Mosque and the Khoo Kongsi Temple.

A trip down Little India and sampling the most famous Banana leaf rice at the shop Kashmir is a must. We can hop on another Rapidpg CAT bus to get there and have our Banana Leaf rice lunch.

After that sumptuous lunch, we can get on another Rapidpg CAT to Fort Cornwallis where Justin can learn about the history of this place and also take a short walk along the Esplanade.

Hop on a Rapidpg CAT bus next to Komtar and transit on Rapidpg bus 201 to Air Itam to check out the Kek Lok Si Temple and Kuan Yin Statue. After that we could take any Rapidpg bus back to Komtar.

We would then transit to the Tropical Fruit Farm at Teluk Bahang on Rapidpg bus 501  where he could try to conquer our "King of Fruits" aka Durian. As Durian is in season now so all the more he should to try it, along with the other fresh fruits and refreshing drinks here. Next stop with Rapidpg bus 501 is taking a trip to a traditional Batik Factory, also at Teluk Bahang.

We will then proceed to the Hard Rock Hotel Penang on Rapidpg 101 for an excellent dinner. JB could spice up the evening with a performance.
He will stay the night at the HRH and shoot off to the airport the next morning via RapidPg 102.

Throughout the trip, Justin could take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but a memorable Penang, all on a RapidPg bus transportation.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Youthwave 2011

Sports Day = Reached around 10AM only to find out Dodgeball ended already. It was raining in the morning. Took pics but I accidentally deleted a bunch and here are some of the best ones of that day. Hungout with BestF had a heart-heart chat with her. Games like Floorball, Captainball, Dodgeball and Ultimate Frisbee were played. Churches from all over and schools/colleges joined.

The party = Next night it was held at MGS, Penang. Kicked off with the PFA Committee thanking us all for supporting the event etc. A dance performance by Danzity. Worship. Speaker Aaron Tan(spoke to my heart). Another performance by Danzity(Somebody to love by JB) Prize Giving. PCC WON OVERALL CHAMPIONS!!! muahahahaha. Supper at PapaRich Straits Quay with Dad. Came back at midnight.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Pann Mee for lunch. Went to Queensbay to buy tickets for Beastly. Tutti Frutti 20%(I took vanilla, peach, tart, bluberry, strawberry...pfft i dint see their sauces choc strawberry caramel next time...loaded it with choc chips gummy bears but too gummy hard marshmallows kiwi) till 2pm(Met Yan-Y & Shu Lynn). Dropped by Eaglepoint pass Joon Han, Saberz vids. Movie till 4pm. Borders till 6pm. Jusco Groceries shopping then took Rapid 401E reach back before 8pm :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Maserati By The Sea Charity Event

9-6PM Floorball = I had a game, stayed back to take for Saberz.

7-10PM Maserati By The Sea @ Penang Swimming Club = I thought I was getting 10 free tixs ended up he meant I pay. Joo Ling's date managed to get 3 of us in. Shouldn't have gave up my Advertlets tix from Jason Ong. Point Blank & DJ Ken were performing. It was a "full moon" party so we were joined by werewolves :D It rained we got wet. Cameron was enjoying itself and so was I.

11PM-1AM Mums gangout = Didn't take pics