Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hartistry 2011 - The Opera, Sunway, KL

Pictures :


Day3(30th May 2011) = I woke up around 8AM(on my own no alarm nothing)...more like jolt'd up and wondered shoot am I late for the 'Q'-ing of iPad2 already. Checked the clock and breathe a sigh of relief cause hell yeah I was still early. Got ready and left the house with Dad by 9AM. Again the damn KL JAM~otw(on the way) to the The Curve carpark. Took a detour to Dad's office to park(was a bit of walk but it was nothing for me) Ended up being one of the last(2-3 before the iPad2 wristbands were given out) but I decided to wait, hopefully someone would give me the wristband cause they don't want that particular model etc. I waited inline while Dad went in Harvery Norman. Got a call about 10mins after that, Dad asked me to go in and I ended up getting the iPad2(Black WiFi 32GB) in less than 30mins wait(in your face!) Went to couz place to activate my iPad2 cause Dad don't have iTunes and you need it to activate the apple products. Reached home around 3ish rest(slept) and then left the house at 5PM to fetch Ying(another couz) as my date for Hennessy Artistry at The Opera, Sunway, KL. Had dinner at Bubba Gump till 9ish then went off. Had a problem with going in so I called Jason to help me out. Sorted out the problem and we went in. Registered, gotten my RFID tag + wristband. Couz mixed her own drink(Citrus cause that lady kept on insisting) Stayed for Spinderella's slot then joined the iMix Challenge(a Hennessy related fruit ninja game) till 10PM(when my score 83 was the first) then left after taking with in interactive wall and Hennessy BG. Met Dad at Starbucks playing my iPad2. Got a drink(Ice blended rasp frap tea) cause I was damn thirsty(the free flow ran out at 9ish all 300 free bottles of Hennesst V.S.O.P were gone) Sent my couz back and then I crashed at 5AM.

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