Monday, April 4, 2011

HCC Year1 Semester3

Was on "holiday" till today. Went for MSSPP Tennis 1st day to support my friends. All won their matches but the most heartbreaking one was Kiddo Cherylene's match(Was scheduled not before 2PM) from 3-4ish nearly 5PM. Reminded me of my "last/retiring" match I played back in 2009 against a "PCGHS" girl. If only I had someone who was there supporting me eventhough I was down(needed the words of encouragement etc but at least Kaveta was there to pick up the pieces of me, well I was there for her too coz she lost hers)
I was there during her whole match. Thinking it was a breeze for her but idk the score was super close and I couldn't do anything but to give her my support, encouraging her all the way. Watching myself in this situation made me thought about my own friends who wasn't even there and that really sucks. I guess I can be that person who will stand by you no matter what but its though when I know I gotta stand strong on my feet and face the world alone.

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