Saturday, April 9, 2011

REVO Tour 2011 : Penang

I'm still shaking while typing this. Will update when I go home~

Earlier this year they had this (right pic) but I didn't go for it and I regretted but then I saw (left pic)
was coming so I made up my mind and went for it after getting an invite on FB -link-

I left the house at 6.30pm (did a vlog when I was walking) met up with Ray at the Ballroom. Went in about 7.20pm.
The event kicked off with intro about what REVO is all about etc a dance and giving out Revo goodies(S size Revo "tools" aka teeshirts yellow purple. Badges and 2 ReUnion free conference passes which me & Joshua Lim got xD We got matchmake'd saying we planned it SWT)
Praise and Worship 8-9pm. Ps Kenneth Chin speaker(he was like talking to me coz Nigel me Hannah Chan and Ray sat the middle 2nd row T.T I was sitting at his vision?! lmao)
The the closing prayer I felt X and went up. Really gave my heart to God that time. At that time I know I mustn't think of what my friends thought of me but what I really feel deep down for Him and etc In short, I teared whole body was numb/hot/shaking and I fell so yeah I knew I was being Strong & Courageous when I did it and I know He didn't just make me come for the event for nothing and it was His plan for me to be here and etc coz the whole time when they(the speakers) were speaking it was as if God was talking to me. Like seriously I was struck'd~
Ended around 10ish, gave my Conference pass to Mabel coz she was looking at the booth so I just asked her if she wanted etc and she said yes -After giving it to her only I found out it was Nigel's sis xD Went to Khaleel BJ for supper with Nigel & Mabel(Roti planta telur Maggi goreng 2 Ice limau's Milo ice) before they sent me back. Reached home around 11ish before midnight ^^ oh before I forget a Revo Mandarin dude David approached us wanted to talk to us bout Campus or Recess I forgot LOL

iMet Indy, Ben Chwee, Ray, Hannah Chan, Regina Lee, Joshua Lim, Brenda Bryan Teoh, David Lim, Joon Han, Amber, Jane Bball, Joseph Chael Oon, Megan Leon Low, Jesse Lee, Yinn Wayne Tan, Matthew Ooi.

*insert pics from instagram*

More info on the event or check out -link-

  • Amen! RT @RecessRevoPg: RT @urtherevolution: #RevoTour Penang was a blast! Close to 600 people came & glory to God the 46 salvations!!!
  • That feeling from surrendering fully during @RecessRevoPg #RevoPARTY #RevoTour. I'm still shaking from it all~ I believe #God has filled me
  • I've never done something so "Strong & Courageous" with my walk with #God up till now @RecessRevoPg #RevoPARTY #RevoTour~ A new beginning
  • I hope u guys don't use @RecessRevoPg #RevoPARTY against me. It was a really hard thing to do but I did it~
  • *I was so afraid of letting my walls down beside you but I'm glad you were there when I did* @RecessRevoPg #RevoPARTY #RevoTour
  • Don't just think, do! Don't just speak, act! Don't just wait, move! Don't just pray, try! @urtherevolution @RecessRevoPg #RevoPARTY

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