Monday, May 2, 2011

Mum's Bday 2011

No plans stay home waiting on her only :( Busy with her school stuff

Came back from KL just coz of this but ended up no plans ish...was in KL (28/4/11-2/5/11) and now I'm back! Tomorrow class 8-9 then #YJ2011 roadshow at SGGS

Day1(28th April 2011) = Reached Queensbay around 1ish bought my Aeroline tix to 1U 3PM. Went to eat Tutti Frutti 20% off cause last days of the month promo. Slept half the journey upstairs cause didn't find the lounge area. Wanted to go pee and the person led me to the lounge area. Felt so noob when I found the lounge. Dad fetched me from 1U around 7ish then went to the seafood place near aunts house to celebrate her birthday. Went back to their place to cut the cake. Stayed the night there cause couz from US came back with an iPad2.

Day2(29th April 2011) = Woke up around 10ish, got ready went out with couz and aunt to LowYat. Reached around 3ish cause the JAM~fetched me to The Curve so I could meet up with Nabilah. Had dinner with her at O'Brians(Sandwich shop like Subway but classier) and desert at Dome(pancakes). Chatted bout current news(her life, my life, her work, my college life). Time passed in a blink of an eye, had to send her off cause her dad reached aready(9ish). Ended up in Sony(played the cybershots/vid cams/NEX/alphas and playstation move ftw~) Dad met up after work, went for a drink at Coffee Bean(Esprit Raspberry is amazing). Passed a vending machine which sold Ice Lemon Tea can for RM1 so I got it. Purposely asked Dad to drop by McD so I could get the Charcoal Coke Glass. I bought a yellow angry birds casing for RM_0 and I wanna sell it off, anyone wants to buy it? PM me best price

Day3(30th April 2011) = iPad2 and Hennessy Artistry 2011 at The Opera, Sunway -link-

Day4(1st May 2011) = Woke up around 1PM cause too freaking tired from yesterday. Got ready and went for a late lunch with Dad at Marché Mövenpick, The Curve. Took some sneak pics but the workers said no photography(yes they don't allow photography here swt) I had some of the best food here eg RM5 Raspberry Panna Cotta(link) and my steak. Went to find Nabilah working at MPH and made a MPH card. Accompanied her for dinner at this noodle shop(PHO) till 7PM(it was raining). Went to Borders with Dad. Stayed till 10PM. Had Starbucks for dinner. Bought some groceries from Tesco before going home. Ate korean hotcup. 

Day5(2nd May 2011 aka TODAY) =Woke up early cause I wanted to catch the 10.30AM Aeroline but sold out for today T.T No choice ended up in Subang Airport and bought a Firefly 12.30PM flight(RM300 wtf) home. Killed an hour or so in Starbucks before boarding the plane. I realized I didn't renew my rapid card but lucky my boarding pass gave me a free 1 way trip so I went to BJ Rapid Counter but it was closed till 3.30PM, lugged my stuff to McD to buy some food then came back but the counter was still closed. Texted Clarisse(one of the rapid representative) and she said they'll be coming shortly. Took 2 hours just to do my rapid card. Remembered I had Subway from the morning I bought and ate it with my McD. Gave my mum the Pink Coke Glass as her "birthday present" haha reached home by 5PM only to find out mum dsnt wanna go out for dinner pfft. I should have came back 2 days later 

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