Tuesday, May 3, 2011

SGGS Youth Jam 2011 Roadshow

Class 8-9am then HYing fetched me to SGGS, nobody was there yet so we went to eat at Ali's. I had a tomyum spicy goreng veg and holicks ice while she had roti susu. Fetched me to SGGS at 10am then she went back to college for class. Met the youths gang and then started "work" met Jayleen, Samantha, Luv, Chih Pei, Mee Quin, Isabelle, Ncole, Sylvia, Michelle Tan, Mehala. Wanted to meet BestF but she stayed in class "studying" and forgot to come find me pfft. Boss aka JT asked us to go to Disted if we have time so off we went after packing up in SGGS. Walked to Disted and was greeted with COLD COLDness of the room that held the Youth Talent Search Auditions. Stayed till 3pm then most of us left. I took a bus home~

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