Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hennessy Artistry 2011 @ Sixty9ine Mansion, Penang and Mist Club, KL

I've been to two Hennessy Artistry events so far. The first was last year 2010 Finale @ MIECC(Post1/Post2/Post3) and this year's at The Opera, Sunway, KL(Post) and this was when I won the iMix Challenge and collected my prize(Post)
Read about the previous event by The Star -link-

Now it's returning to Penang(Sixty9ine Mansion, Batu Ferringhi on the 6th of July) and in KL(Mist Club, Bangsar on the 9th of July postponed cause of Bersih)

This time around we are expecting a crowd of over two thousand and Hennesy Artistry promises to entheral party-goes with exploding party experiences where their senses will be awakened once again.

Besides the Hennessy Mixing Zone experience which one can experience like the previous events. Guest can now look for the Hennessy Mobile Photo Tagging team who will be making their way around the venue to snap pictures of you and your friends. Photos taken can then be edited to resemble a magazine cover whereby guest will also be able to instantaneously tag their pictures on their respective Facebook profiles.

Party-goers who managed to win invites from the Hennessy Facebook will also receive a new Hennessy ID Tag(a wristband equipped with radio frequency identification technology aka RFID tag) which will allow them to log on their respective Facebook accounts and automatically post their activities as status updates whenever they scan their wristbands onto a Hennessy ID reader located at each Hennessy Mixing Zone booth.

Passes to the H-Artistry 'The Global Art of Mixing' parties are by-invitation only. To stand a chance to be invited to these upcoming exclusive events, click here to register(Registrations close 1 week before the event) or to receive updates by following their Twitter here. Both the H-Artistry parties in Sixty9ine Mansion & Mist Club are strictly open to non-Muslim guests age 21 years above only. ID verification will be carried out at the door.

Oh apparently I won 2 invites from Facebook so anyone wanna accompany me? Just need to fetch me to and back ^^ 

Other news : 
Dye released their new PMR 2011 -link-
I went to Starbucks Borders Queensbay to chill with an apple carrot muffin + grande caramel frapp EXTRA caramel + photography mags
Monte Carlo is out today but Wee Nee ffked me

Mist Club 30th July 2011 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon in 3D

[Yesterday was my 1 year mark in Han Chiang College. A year has flown in a blink of an eye]

Today =
Read more -link-
Watched it with Mum at @GSCinemas Queensbay tnx to Queensbay for the free pair of tickets I got on 27/6/11
Had @TGIFriday for a late dinner. The manager commented I came a few days ago with my Dad LOLOL

Yes Mum that's how you use DOF even though you told me you have no idea what you did haha
My order = Ribeye Steak Mid Well Cheese Mashed Potato and Garlic Broccoli

Our richly-marbled, 10-oz Australian chilled air flown grain-fed ribeye steak, chargrilled untill it's juicy and melt-in-your-mouth tender RM49.90) Served with Wild Mushroom Butter/Black Pepper Sauce/Chimichurri Pesto and a choice of 2 sidelines consisting of Broccoli with Garlic Butter/Cheddar Cheese Mashed Potatoes/Crispy Fries/Bean & Broccoli Mix/Grilled New Orleans Corn Corbs

Mum ordered Tuscan Chicken Melt
Fire-grilled diced chicken, Mozzarella and Jack cheeses, roasted onions & tomatoes, all pressed together between two slices of buttery bread. Served with a choice of crispy fries or Clam Chowder. RM20.90

Took this shot using Cameron and Amber = Freaking heavy gosh

Monday, June 27, 2011

Canon Speedlite 580EX II

Skipped class today and went to Switch Bay Avenue to check out Drew. Then to Queensbay(Switch-Foto President-Nandos-Jusco-Jusco Supermarket-Samsonite)
At Foto President I got a Canon Speedlite 580EX II for RM1590, Rechargeable batt Sanyo RM160 and a new batt for Hexy RM220. Gone 2k in 30 mins. Had dinner in Nandos(Saw Chien Wen celeb bday with her bf) ordered a soup with garlic bread, 2/4 chicken lemon with peri chips and rice + Ice lemon tea then off to Jusco cause I needed a shirt for formal. Groceries shopping. Then to buy a bag at Samsonite then to the info counter to get free Transformers 3D tickets for spending RM200 above. Unfornunately I only managed to get a pair cause Dad couldn't give the receipts away so yeah I got a pair for Transformers 3D 29/6/11 6.30PM GSC Queensbay. 

Pic from Taylor  = Cameron and Amber(The Flash)

From Cameron =

Happy 18th Ariana Grande -link-

Thursday, June 23, 2011

X-Men: First Class

Watched this alone at TGV Cinemas 1st Avenue

More info -link-

My random summary/thoughts/things I could remember/made notes on the movie : This saga of the X-Men series takes us way back to a time when Professor X and Magneto were known as Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr. Two young men with different lives who ended up meeting each other when Erik who nearly got killed when he was hunting down the evil Sebastian Shaw(a mutant who absorbs nuclear energy) They then formed an alliance with a fellow CIA agent who helps them recruit more mutants to help take down Shaw. Shaw blackmailed the Russians to launch a nuclear war with the US.
In short the end : Magneto ends up killing Shaw and takes his helmet(the one thing Charles cannot penetrate through to read the thoughts of the wearer) and gets Charles paralyzed then leaves his dying friend with one last plea to join forces before he vanishes with others(later known as the Mutant Brotherhood) eg Mystique, Angel, 2 guys erm devil looking and one that can transports to anywhere. 
Charles becomes Professor X at this stages opens his home is the School of X -end-

Ultimate fave quote of the move = "Peace was never an option"

Morning Graphic DesignB 8-10PM then went to 1st Avenue Penang.
Starbucks makan apple carrot muffin and grande caramel frapp.
Left at 12.20PM to buy a student tix(RM 8) but it was at 1.30PM(got it mixed up with GSC Gurney time pfft)
Played this bowling thingy RM2 and Drum hero-like Chinese game RM3 but I didn't know it was in freaking drum notes so BURN my money. Played with Drew till the time was up and went for the movie.
Cinema 2 Seat H7. Some dude who was sitting on H8 pissed me off cause I put my bag there then he insisted on sitting there >.<" I sat at H5 and my bag sat at H4. H7 perfect middle view till he screwed it babi him!
Bought a ChocTop and sat 304 HCC home :) Reached home at 5PM watched iCarly and Victorious(good episodes today)
Received an email bout being an official media/blogger for Hennessy Malaysia. I wanna get it!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Downloaded and have been messing with it for the whole day. Fun :)

Today went to college to hear a course major outline talk for next sem. The choices were Jounalisim, Broadcasting and Public Relations and Advertising.
Journalism = This suits me better cause of me blogging but I'm afraid my English is not good enough.
Broadcasting = I love recording videos and like this title of my blog post says, I've been playing with my iPhone iMovie app just editing videos I shot using my iPhone.

I don't know which one to choose now. Can anyone talk 2 me about this?

Check out my videos/vlogs shot uploaded in my YouTube ly1712

Today is #GoSkateboardingDay

*Yesterday attended a YJ2011 After Party and Gathering to collect my cert. Ended up in Swensen's Penang Times Sq with NickT, JoshuaL, Rahula, Mandy and Juliana. Joshua you owe me RM20!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

District 3300 Sports Day & Awards Night RY 2010/11

Nothing to say check out -link- for pictures of the event 

USM Badminton courts-USM Tennis/Squash/Ping Pong courts-Stallion Apartments to wash up-Recsam for dinner and awards night-Nick's house to grab some stuff-Sixty9ine till 2ish-Nick fetched me home-Crashed at 4AM.

June 18th 2010 was the official opening of the park in Universal Orlando, Florida

Links you have to check out :

Spy Kids 4 : All The Time In The World coming out in 4D on August 18 2011

I've completed my set when Mum bought Blue yesterday B)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Founder's Day 2011 Food of Rock Challenge @ Hard Rock Penang

Joined the female category(Brownie) Max is going for the male category(Burger). Ing Sui came along to support. I did a vlog but the net speed sucks so I can't upload it! Uploaded it (14/7/11)

Managed to take a couple shots of the sunset then Cameron died and I didn't bring spare batt zzz

Pictures from HRH Penang Facebook Album

Facebook event -link-
The Star -link-

7.30am : [Assez de la douleur que tu m'as donné]
8.15am : HCC : Locked 6 hours of sleep last night but still damn tired
10.27am : HCC Canteen : Hanging here for awile
10.29am : HCC C207 : Basic News Writing & Reporting with @shapigtan @limZYao @lwaikeong having test
10.44am : HCC LT2 : SociologyL with @SyeLi_love @shapigtan @lwaikeong @limZYao
12.30pm : HCC Canteen : After class, movie(Something liar) got cutoff halfway swt
12.33pm : McD Greenlane : Claimed my Green @CocaCola Glass a week later. Tnx @shapigtan for fetching me her xD
12.50pm : Sg Nibong Bus : @rapidpg 304 came at 12.32PM just 5 mins after I reached. Awesome timing! Heading back 2 rest be4 @HardRockHotelPg 2night~
12.45pm : [excité pour ce soir un concours de manger] @HardRockHotelPg
5.09pm : BJ Stop : @rapidpg 304 bring me home to rest
5.10pm : LY's Crib : @HardRockHotelPg 2night, now rest~
5.26pm : BJ Stop : @rapidpg 301 bringing me to Komtar, meet @shapigtan then going to @HardRockHotelPg for Founders' Day - Food of Rock Challenge!
6.13pm : Komtar : @rapidpg 301, slept otw
6.17pm : Popular Komtar : So bloody cold! Waiting for @shapigtan then @HardRockHotelPg Founders' Day - Food of Rock Challenge!
6.26pm : Komtar Bus : @rapidpg 101 with @shapigtan heading to @HardRockHotelPg for Founders' Day - Food of Rock Challenge!
8pm : @HardRockHotelPg Cafe : Founders's Day - Food of Rock Challenge! with @shapigtan & Max
10.12pm : @HardRockHotelPg Rock Shop : Changed my 2nd place prize shirt for Founders' Day - Food of Rock Challenge!
10.13pm : @HardRockHotelPg Cafe : Shared dinner(Fish & Chips) with @shapigtan, Max looked like wanna die
10.43pm : Komtar Bus : @shapigtan fetched me here after @HardRockHotelPg Founders' Day - Food of Rock Challenge! Going back via @rapidpg 302
11.59pm : LY's Crib : Back from @HardRockHotelPg Founders' Day - Food of Rock Challenge, won 2nd place
2.04am : Didn't manage to treat myself a @HardRockHotelPg Pin cause shared dinner with @shapigtan but tnx for spending Founders' Day with me + Max

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Diary of a Wimpy Kid : Rodrick Rules

Nice show about brothers sticking for each other~family and all that jazz
No class. Watched a movie. Met Brandon James Pereira. Read a book in Popular. Met kiddo. Watched a TKD thing. Hospital. Elegance RM35 haircut. Soba Yoshi dinner. Back before 11PM

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

KungFu Panda2

College-Komtar-CPT-Adventist Hospital-Gurney-BarBQ Plaza(Ordered a Deluxe supreme set and got upgraded to Deluxe family set)-GSC Hall3-Sony-Birkenstock-Chili's-Gelatissimo-Saw Bie at Manilla
BBQ Ranch Burger - Beef Bacon, aged cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, Ranch dressing, shredded lettuce, tomato and pickle.

Food that was shared with Mum


News from Avril -link- -link-

Monday, June 6, 2011

Youth Jam 2011

Youth Jam'11 was held at Penang Times Square on the 4 and 5 June 2011.

My happiest moment of the event

Why you should go for the event -link-
Event page -link-
Pics from me -link-

Day1 :
Reached at 7.30am-Stayed till nearly midnight-Met Chih Pei, MQ, Luvenia, Dana, Kristle, Kristie, That nestle dude Jay, Erra, ZYao, Wai Keong, Max, Wakaka, Kenny, Nick Chan-Lost my Hexy batt >.<"

Day2 :
Reached around 10ish-Help jaga'd the treasure hunt camera station ended up losing my Hexy charger this time >.<" Played at the Sony booth PS3 Move Dance game(damn addictive) was forced to do Ricky Martin dance damn ftw~! Went back at 1ish AM-Lucky draw so close 1273 was mine but the closest was 1372 wtf

Kinda upset with the organizers cause it wasn't my fault losing my stuff but theirs cause they ask me to run here run there do stuff then I trusted some to be there jaga-ing my stuff when I did the errands. End up my own fault cause I didn't take care of my stuff >.<" RM420 for the battery + RM300 for the charger gone

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Experience with SONY Cyber Shot

When I heard about this contest, I went straight to my pictures and start checking out my most memorable moments taken with my Sony cam.
I have taken many cherished memories with my camera and if not for me bringing it everywhere I go last time, I wouldn't have captured my many unforgettable moments with my friends and family.

[flashback] I remember like it was only yesterday a few more weeks left in Sri Pelita(2009). I was sitting in class with my classmates chilling and chatting with them when suddenly, a friend came up with an idea of having a couple of theme days(we will decide on a theme and the whole class would dress up and come to school with the costume/clothes related) We had days like PJ Friday & TieDay Friday, where will would go to assembly then back to class and start laughing so hard coz of the stares + questions we got from everyone including the teachers. Ahhh the good ol'Days~

My friends & I still meet up occasionally and we talk about the extreme things we got up to. Good thing I had my camera with me to capture eh?! I was always The Photographer in the gang, so yeah taking my cam with me is a MUST!

Here are some of my many best & INSANE times :

Ok this few isn't an insane timeS but yea. Dare I say it? Memorable!

I have a TON more pictures but I'll end here or else the post will be too full haha xD

21st May 2011 = Celebrated mums bday with mums gang. (Pics didn't turn out well) Photobooth'd with KY & RX

31st May 2011 = Bday celebration for mum. Belated one 3weeks delay. Queensbay-SakaeSushi-BarunBuffel-Clinique Jusco-Swatch-G200-Clarks-Scholl-Dome-HaagenDazs-TuttiFrutti-Home

I won a Tanked Cap from ProPaintball