Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Founder's Day 2011 Food of Rock Challenge @ Hard Rock Penang

Joined the female category(Brownie) Max is going for the male category(Burger). Ing Sui came along to support. I did a vlog but the net speed sucks so I can't upload it! Uploaded it (14/7/11)

Managed to take a couple shots of the sunset then Cameron died and I didn't bring spare batt zzz

Pictures from HRH Penang Facebook Album

Facebook event -link-
The Star -link-

7.30am : [Assez de la douleur que tu m'as donné]
8.15am : HCC : Locked 6 hours of sleep last night but still damn tired
10.27am : HCC Canteen : Hanging here for awile
10.29am : HCC C207 : Basic News Writing & Reporting with @shapigtan @limZYao @lwaikeong having test
10.44am : HCC LT2 : SociologyL with @SyeLi_love @shapigtan @lwaikeong @limZYao
12.30pm : HCC Canteen : After class, movie(Something liar) got cutoff halfway swt
12.33pm : McD Greenlane : Claimed my Green @CocaCola Glass a week later. Tnx @shapigtan for fetching me her xD
12.50pm : Sg Nibong Bus : @rapidpg 304 came at 12.32PM just 5 mins after I reached. Awesome timing! Heading back 2 rest be4 @HardRockHotelPg 2night~
12.45pm : [excité pour ce soir un concours de manger] @HardRockHotelPg
5.09pm : BJ Stop : @rapidpg 304 bring me home to rest
5.10pm : LY's Crib : @HardRockHotelPg 2night, now rest~
5.26pm : BJ Stop : @rapidpg 301 bringing me to Komtar, meet @shapigtan then going to @HardRockHotelPg for Founders' Day - Food of Rock Challenge!
6.13pm : Komtar : @rapidpg 301, slept otw
6.17pm : Popular Komtar : So bloody cold! Waiting for @shapigtan then @HardRockHotelPg Founders' Day - Food of Rock Challenge!
6.26pm : Komtar Bus : @rapidpg 101 with @shapigtan heading to @HardRockHotelPg for Founders' Day - Food of Rock Challenge!
8pm : @HardRockHotelPg Cafe : Founders's Day - Food of Rock Challenge! with @shapigtan & Max
10.12pm : @HardRockHotelPg Rock Shop : Changed my 2nd place prize shirt for Founders' Day - Food of Rock Challenge!
10.13pm : @HardRockHotelPg Cafe : Shared dinner(Fish & Chips) with @shapigtan, Max looked like wanna die
10.43pm : Komtar Bus : @shapigtan fetched me here after @HardRockHotelPg Founders' Day - Food of Rock Challenge! Going back via @rapidpg 302
11.59pm : LY's Crib : Back from @HardRockHotelPg Founders' Day - Food of Rock Challenge, won 2nd place
2.04am : Didn't manage to treat myself a @HardRockHotelPg Pin cause shared dinner with @shapigtan but tnx for spending Founders' Day with me + Max

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