Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Downloaded and have been messing with it for the whole day. Fun :)

Today went to college to hear a course major outline talk for next sem. The choices were Jounalisim, Broadcasting and Public Relations and Advertising.
Journalism = This suits me better cause of me blogging but I'm afraid my English is not good enough.
Broadcasting = I love recording videos and like this title of my blog post says, I've been playing with my iPhone iMovie app just editing videos I shot using my iPhone.

I don't know which one to choose now. Can anyone talk 2 me about this?

Check out my videos/vlogs shot uploaded in my YouTube ly1712

Today is #GoSkateboardingDay

*Yesterday attended a YJ2011 After Party and Gathering to collect my cert. Ended up in Swensen's Penang Times Sq with NickT, JoshuaL, Rahula, Mandy and Juliana. Joshua you owe me RM20!

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