Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Experience with SONY Cyber Shot

When I heard about this contest, I went straight to my pictures and start checking out my most memorable moments taken with my Sony cam.
I have taken many cherished memories with my camera and if not for me bringing it everywhere I go last time, I wouldn't have captured my many unforgettable moments with my friends and family.

[flashback] I remember like it was only yesterday a few more weeks left in Sri Pelita(2009). I was sitting in class with my classmates chilling and chatting with them when suddenly, a friend came up with an idea of having a couple of theme days(we will decide on a theme and the whole class would dress up and come to school with the costume/clothes related) We had days like PJ Friday & TieDay Friday, where will would go to assembly then back to class and start laughing so hard coz of the stares + questions we got from everyone including the teachers. Ahhh the good ol'Days~

My friends & I still meet up occasionally and we talk about the extreme things we got up to. Good thing I had my camera with me to capture eh?! I was always The Photographer in the gang, so yeah taking my cam with me is a MUST!

Here are some of my many best & INSANE times :

Ok this few isn't an insane timeS but yea. Dare I say it? Memorable!

I have a TON more pictures but I'll end here or else the post will be too full haha xD

21st May 2011 = Celebrated mums bday with mums gang. (Pics didn't turn out well) Photobooth'd with KY & RX

31st May 2011 = Bday celebration for mum. Belated one 3weeks delay. Queensbay-SakaeSushi-BarunBuffel-Clinique Jusco-Swatch-G200-Clarks-Scholl-Dome-HaagenDazs-TuttiFrutti-Home

I won a Tanked Cap from ProPaintball

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