Thursday, June 23, 2011

X-Men: First Class

Watched this alone at TGV Cinemas 1st Avenue

More info -link-

My random summary/thoughts/things I could remember/made notes on the movie : This saga of the X-Men series takes us way back to a time when Professor X and Magneto were known as Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr. Two young men with different lives who ended up meeting each other when Erik who nearly got killed when he was hunting down the evil Sebastian Shaw(a mutant who absorbs nuclear energy) They then formed an alliance with a fellow CIA agent who helps them recruit more mutants to help take down Shaw. Shaw blackmailed the Russians to launch a nuclear war with the US.
In short the end : Magneto ends up killing Shaw and takes his helmet(the one thing Charles cannot penetrate through to read the thoughts of the wearer) and gets Charles paralyzed then leaves his dying friend with one last plea to join forces before he vanishes with others(later known as the Mutant Brotherhood) eg Mystique, Angel, 2 guys erm devil looking and one that can transports to anywhere. 
Charles becomes Professor X at this stages opens his home is the School of X -end-

Ultimate fave quote of the move = "Peace was never an option"

Morning Graphic DesignB 8-10PM then went to 1st Avenue Penang.
Starbucks makan apple carrot muffin and grande caramel frapp.
Left at 12.20PM to buy a student tix(RM 8) but it was at 1.30PM(got it mixed up with GSC Gurney time pfft)
Played this bowling thingy RM2 and Drum hero-like Chinese game RM3 but I didn't know it was in freaking drum notes so BURN my money. Played with Drew till the time was up and went for the movie.
Cinema 2 Seat H7. Some dude who was sitting on H8 pissed me off cause I put my bag there then he insisted on sitting there >.<" I sat at H5 and my bag sat at H4. H7 perfect middle view till he screwed it babi him!
Bought a ChocTop and sat 304 HCC home :) Reached home at 5PM watched iCarly and Victorious(good episodes today)
Received an email bout being an official media/blogger for Hennessy Malaysia. I wanna get it!!!

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