Monday, June 6, 2011

Youth Jam 2011

Youth Jam'11 was held at Penang Times Square on the 4 and 5 June 2011.

My happiest moment of the event

Why you should go for the event -link-
Event page -link-
Pics from me -link-

Day1 :
Reached at 7.30am-Stayed till nearly midnight-Met Chih Pei, MQ, Luvenia, Dana, Kristle, Kristie, That nestle dude Jay, Erra, ZYao, Wai Keong, Max, Wakaka, Kenny, Nick Chan-Lost my Hexy batt >.<"

Day2 :
Reached around 10ish-Help jaga'd the treasure hunt camera station ended up losing my Hexy charger this time >.<" Played at the Sony booth PS3 Move Dance game(damn addictive) was forced to do Ricky Martin dance damn ftw~! Went back at 1ish AM-Lucky draw so close 1273 was mine but the closest was 1372 wtf

Kinda upset with the organizers cause it wasn't my fault losing my stuff but theirs cause they ask me to run here run there do stuff then I trusted some to be there jaga-ing my stuff when I did the errands. End up my own fault cause I didn't take care of my stuff >.<" RM420 for the battery + RM300 for the charger gone

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