Sunday, July 17, 2011

Boost Juice Bars Malaysia - Get the Fruit Outta Here! Contest

Details here -link- to cut it even shorter. It ends today. Key in your entries here -link-

I sent in a total of 2 passports one on 15/6/1(oh yeah the booster got my order wrong...from all berry bang to blueberry blast with banana infused ICK total turnoff that day. After talking on twitter with them I gave my add to them on the 11th June and 2 days later I got my free boost voucher, much easier to reedeem my drink cause I wanted to claim it that day on the 9th June during HC Anchor Idol but the store manager Yinn wasn't there and Brandon said he couldn't do anything) and another bought on 14/7/11 = I know screw me I wanna win so badly but only managed to get Boost twice...well blame them for opening in Gurney Plaza and not Queensbay(just sayin)

There's another contest by them -link- Post a photo & get a 'Buy1 Free1' voucher AND be in the running to win 5 Free Boost = I sent in 3 pics of myself with the drink~

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