Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hennessy Artistry 2011 - Sixty9ine Mansion, Penang

Dye uploaded a cool vid on their DDay 2011 experience -link-

Left the house at 6PM. Took 2 buses to HCC Hostel to meet ZYao Zackson Kenny reached around 8ish. Kenny fetched us to Sixty9ine Mansion. Registered myself and got my media passes + facebook invites so lucky the facebook invites were "transferable"(if the name registered claims it and gives both to you, it's fine) Met Ben & PZ around 10ish then hung with them + Pei Yong and her cousin for the rest of the night. PZ offered to fetched me back that's why xD Open'd bottle~ mixer was coke only swt! Vain'd like madness. 12ish collegemates went back cause free flow was 9-11PM only. Left around 2AM then went for supper at Ali(I had maggi goreng spicy and holicks ice) Reached home at 4AM.

Happily mixing my own drink
Hope to win another bottle from the i-Mix Challenge(A bottle of the world's no.1 cognac, Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege Collection Helios 70cl)
Was hesitant in calling her at first cause I wasn't sure if was her or not Ms Julie Woon
Collegemates + Pizza + Hennessy Berry + I = Having a good time
Julie announcing the line ups and some details about the event
@reshmonu(I lost the vid I recorded damn)
Collegemates and I(ZYao, Kenny and Zackson)
Hennessy + Coke ftw~
Bad influence xD
Hennessy Magazine Cover
Thanks to Hennessy Malaysia for the rocking party and invites. I'm looking forward to the next party \m/

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millymin said...

awesome! Lets go to the one in KL together! :D