Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Email

After ELEVEN YEARS of having my email address, I've finally gotten hacked so now everyone trying to reach me please contact me at cause damn @hotmail blocked me and I've been trying to get my account back for the past 3 days but so far no luck. Cannot keep on waiting for them to approve me again so made a new account. Please don't let me down @gmail~

Apple news today = NEW MACS HAVE BEEN RELEASED(with i5 and i7 + black-lit keyboard)!!! ffffff I want one and OS X Lion...Thunderbolt Display for iMac 27'

Other news :
19/7/11 The release of a limited edition KAWS designed Hennessy V.S bottle. It's not sold yet only a preview of it on Hennesy Facebook Original pic here. I would get one cause it's damn cool!
Video - KAWS in Cognac

Refreshing aint it?!

20/7/11 Paintballer from Ironmen Billy Wing's Bday xD

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