Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pei Zhen's 19th

Happy 19th Pei Zhen!

Celebrated and spent an awesome time with PZ, Wee Nee, Celia, Joel and Ben.

Chilled in Northam Suite Room 2801 from 4-6PM

Dinner at Soul Kitchen Trattoria

Food we had

Spent some time by the Northam Swimming Pool(damn breezy) Vain'd for awhile here

"Pattern banyak" Wee Nee, Me, PZ, Ben and Joel

Ice cold water all of us were dying to swim in

Back to the room to relax then home

Couldn't stay for part2 cause I have freaking Basic News Writing and Reporting exam from 9-noon yeah bloody hell they're partying up at Mois now last heard from tha Bday girl herself :(

Pictures from PZ -link-

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