Thursday, August 25, 2011

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Penang - Aug 2011

Attended at 32 Mansion 10-2AM, before that accompanied my date to his friend Diana's Bday at OverTime *Starker is a sweet beer
Saw friends(Edwin Kim) but hanged with Emily and her friends(majority bunch of ol frees)

Ice H2O @ OverTime with Ken xD
JW BC Penang - Aug 2011 @ 32 Mansion, Penang with Ken

The STAR of the EVENT

BC Penang World Class Raishing the Bar : Chong Yi Shawn World Class Bartender 09/2011, Malaysia(Mixes BC Label/Johnnie Nut Sour)

Reshmonu was there enjoying the event

Emily got the original. I got this pic of the pic LOL
Hungout with her most of the night : Emily(
Her post on this event -link-

Awesome invite~ really classy

Arrived at 32 Mansion with Kenneth. I can hear the music pumping and glasses clinking with one another. The entrance was a sight!(due to the fact it was raining) nevertheless it looked like EVERYONE came for this party.
At 8PM DJ Teemaree was up~been waiting forever for her haha went to the dance floor and saw my friends geting low(I heard Reshmonu was in tha house and went looking for him haha managed to get a pictograph) Had a couple of drinks from a World Class Bartender while chilling with some friends. Met loads of friends partying it up during the event. Johnnie Walker knows how to keep our table filled with bottles of JW~lost count of how many bottles cause we had one too many. Reached home around 4AM. The event rocked. Hope to see other DJ Idols of mine spinning for this event and me attending them.

Don't Drink and Drive


of tr@vels, 3nvironment, 9hotography and bl@bl@bl@ said...

Hie Yimei..nice meeting you there!! Looking forward to your posts soon!..hahaha like the word 'bunch of ol' frees'..i'm even older than them...haha

millymin said...

Peeeektures where???!?!?!?!