Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy 19th Celia Wong

It's your birthday! Have a blast~
Meet up soon you busy woMAN!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

KL Trip September 2011

Went down for Arthur's Day 2011 - Speed City KL. Brought a bunch of friends with me. Gave a bunch of tixs away. Met loads of humans there including an old pen pal whom I never got the chance to meet till during that event. About 4 years I knew her.

Is this cool?

iPad2 Menu - Sakae Sushi, The Curve

So here's where the stock of iPad2 went. Malaysia having iPad2 shortage because most of them came here haha and I think it's jailbroken cause they have the 5 finger swipe works on screen~
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Happy 9th Jaime Lim

Last time I celeb I was 12. Now I'm nearly 19. Came back slept 2AM woke up 11AM. Going back home today D: Wish I could meet Nabilah, Feera, Jeslyn and Sheryl for lunch or something. Next trip will be Westlife 7/10/11
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Friday, September 23, 2011

Arthur's Day 2011 - Speed City KL

-live blogging-

Here now so -to be updated-
11.30PM : Wtf hell nearly midnight d Taio Cruz not yet out!!!
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Pics here -link-

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Bloggy

[Logo's Hope again today. What a way to spent My Blog's 3rd Bday xD Took everything in B&W for a change]

Anyway back to the main point of this post...

On this day in the year 2008, I made a public blog for my friends who kept on asking me to show me their blog. I used to have a private one as my own personal online journal but since then I've been updating everything here.
The good and bad times I've gone through. The past and future experiences that I'll be going through and everything that is happening in my life. I can say I'm an avid blogger but I'm not the one who does it just so I can earn. I mean I have earned loads of stuff courtesy of my blog but that is because I enjoy what I do and wanna share it here. 

Something I look forward to this week = The WEEKEND!

Random updates : 
Instagram finally got their first update yesterday, the app icon looking damn fine. Now it's called Instagram v2.0 and you can read about it here

3D effect-ish?
Wanna bake some Instagrahams? The recipe here


I wanna visit Orlando, Florida so badly! One of the places in my list -link-

iWon Arthur's Day Exclusive Invites

3/9/11 : Joined a contest via Guinness Malaysia Facebook to win some tickets
4/9/11 : Did what the email said(change my name to Arthur, post a status and take a screenshot proof)
6/9/11 : Received a conformation saying I won a pair
15/9/11 : Joined a contest Ewin asked to support(EwinEe Taio Cruz Contest) Got Justin Liew, Jonathan Lim and Derrick Wong to vote for me. Ewin said he'll give me a pair LOL
16/9/11 : Josh Lim(http://josh.my/ and Advertlets) added me on Facebook and asked me to join the Johnnie Walker Jet Black in Singapore Contest(link) and he'll give me 5 pairs 
18/9/11 : Won a pair from Ewin and 5 from Josh Lim

I have 7 6 pairs in total for the party. Who wants to go with me?
Picture stolen from EwinEe Taio Cruz Pic

1 Elf
Jon Lim 2 friends = 1 pair
Derrick 2 friends = 1 pair 
Jon + Derrick = 1 pair
Max 2 friends = 1 pair
Max = 1
See you there!
Oh today's the "official" day for Arthur's Day yo~ RAISE YOUR GLASSES

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy 18th Nabilah

"I cried on my 17th Birthday. I thought 17 was such a nice age. You're young enough to get away with things, but old enough too. Happy 18th!"

I'm coming down this weekend 23rd Sept 2011 so you better make time for me yeah. We'll go get stuffed again with Bubba Gump! 4 years of friendship in counting~

I want this :
Nike MAG auditions ended today -link-

Johnnie Walker Jet Black in Singapore Contest

As a proud global partner of Formula One™ team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes™ since 2005, JOHNNIE WALKER® is offering Malaysians a rare chance to experience the ultimate VIP race party at the JOHNNIE WALKER® JET BLACK in Singapore on the 24th and 25thSeptember during GP weekend.
Charles James Wright, Brand Manager, JOHNNIE WALKER® Malaysia said “JOHNNIE WALKER®, the world’s number one Scotch whisky and the market leader in Malaysia, has been a pioneer in rewarding loyal fans with money-can’t-buy experiences such as last year’s JOHNNIE WALKER® PIT CREW EXPERIENCE. When consumers in Malaysia “STEP INSIDE THE BLACK CIRCUIT” with JOHNNIE WALKER®, they are unlocking the sophisticated and glamorous world of Formula 1™ through the authentic insider-access that we can provide.
Check out this video for a preview of previous Johnnie Walker Jet Black parties!

JOHNNIE WALKER® is also giving 2 Malaysian bloggers (and their plus ones) the chance to win the trip of a lifetime at the Singapore GP for three days while also attending the award winning JOHNNIE WALKER® JET BLACK race party for two nights. Winners will also be treated to full five-star hospitality and to top it all off, might just receive a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes™ drivers, Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button. Malaysians that desire a taste of the extraordinary world of Formula 1™ should take full opportunity of this offer by logging on to www.blackcircuit.com.my/facebook from August 24th through September 16th and participate in the Facebook contest” he added.
The internationally recognized JOHNNIE WALKER® JET BLACK race party will be held at the bay front of the glamorous Fullerton Heritage district, which will once again be transformed into the most talked about party venue in Singapore. This by-invitation only event at One on the Bund will feature a stellar line-up of the world’s best DJs, stunning interactive party experiences, and stylish JOHNNIE WALKER® cocktails.
To win this once in a lifetime experience, all you have to do is complete the two questions below. The 2 winners of the best blog post and pictures will win themselves 2 passes each to the exclusive JOHNNIE WALKER® JET BLACK race party.
Contest Questions:
1. JOHNNIE WALKER® is the global partner of Formula One™ team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes™ since 2005, who was the 2009 Formula One™ SINGTEL Singapore Grand Prix night race winner and which team did he drive for?

Answer : McLaren-Mercedes driver and reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton

2. The Johnnie Walker® JET BLACK race party is the most talked about party of the Singapore Night Race, featuring a stellar line up of the world’s best DJ’s, stunning interactive party experiences, and stylish JOHNNIE WALKER®cocktails. Tell us in 50 words or less why we should send you and a friend an exclusive invitation to the party and include 3 or more hi quality pictures of your version of a perfect JOHNNIE WALKER® race party to win yourself 2 passes each to both exclusive events.
Answer : I live life to the max partying with good friends and getting down on the dance floor. Oh, not forgetting the drinks...a bonus!
...AND OMG OMG OMG I WISH TO WIN BECAUSE I WANT TO SEE MY ALL TIME FAV DJ TINA T SPINNING IN SG!!! It would be a dream come true just being able to meet her and in SINGAPORE~Why couldn't she come for the one in Penang :( -link
I'm still learning how to DJ~(in my head wanting to be like the picture below)
This is how a PARTY should be like!
This is DJ TINA T

Win free tixs here :

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Canon PhotoMarathon Malaysia 2011

This year it will be held on the 15 October 2011 at Bukit Bintang and the fee will be RM20. Click here to register yourself. Walk-ins will be charged RM25. Should I attend this year? Registeration will be closed on the 19 September 2011 which is in 4 days.

Nike MAG 2011 aka "Marty McFly" Shoes

-Something different from my usual posts-

Remember years ago when Back to the Future I/II/III was the most popular thing on the planet? The hoverboards or shoes that Marty McFly had or tasting the old school Throwback Pepsi? Have you ever had a dream of being in the movie yourself? Well I did. Well this post is to tell you that that dream is now a reality with the shoes that Nike and Michael J. Fox Foundation partnership formed to bring you the closest thing Back To The Future.

On 8/9/11 Nike unraveled the new Nike Air Mag aka "Marty McFly" Shoes(1500 pairs) to be auctioned on eBay http://nikemag.ebay.com/ with all net proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation's objective to raise awareness so that the Foundation can achieve their goal of eradicating Parkinson disease. For 10 days 150 pairs will be auctioned starting at 8.30PM till all of them are sold out.

Quote from Michael J. Fox : This project is exciting to me because it brings together three very passionate audiences: the Parkinson's community, the sneakerheads and Back to the Future fans. 

Based on an original movie prop used in Back to the Future II, the 2011 Nike Air MAG shoes have been entirely rebuilt and perfected. They feature an elector luminescent outsole, space-age materials and a rechargeable battery good for 3000 hours and while they are not recommended for playing sports. These highly limited shoes will likely command attention wherever they are worn.

The Nike Air Mag is the first rechargeable footwear from Nike were designed as an identical replica to the originals seen in the Back to the Future II movie in 1989 2015. Some of the constant elements include the upper contours, the glowing LED panel and the electroluminescent Nike logo in the strap. The Nike Air Mag actually illuminates with the pinch of the "ear" of the high top, glowing for five hours per charge.

What are your thoughts on the shoes? Will you be getting one if it was available in Nike stores in the future? Leave a comment below.

P.S: Today is 9/11 so lets honor the US~
[@nikesportswear @NikeB4TF http://bit.ly/psbWef Made this post cause Parkinson has played apart of my life~]

Taken condensed summized from the links below:

Monday, September 12, 2011

My SpongeBob Sunglasses. Thanks Seventeen Magazine Malaysia

Shot via iPhone4

Finally received after getting the email asking me to collect from KL on the 8/8/11. Had some slight problems but in the end the agreed to mail em to me. Just got it! Thanks so much for the new SpongeBob SWAG haha~

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm in Pottermore

2/8/11 = Who is still trying to get in the early access? xD I've gotten my account(s) already from Day3 clue. Yes, account(s) lol I'm not stealing them from others! I just made them for my friends who didn't get to for some reason you don't have to know. So yeah, being a good friend I made em for them! No, you can't have one cause I'm giving my friends~

IT'S OFFICIAL!!! I'm IN~!!! :')

About time, I'm late by a week to attend Hogwarts already. No worries, I'll be able to catch up with everything!

The Smurfs | Nasi Lemak 2.0

2back2back movies from 2-6PM with collegemates(Wai Keong, Max, Fany, Jing and Doreen) after classes. It was the PR majors and I(Broadcast). Had to finish up some GAA work for Jasmine before meeting them. Lucky I finished, hopped on rapid 204 and reached Komtar at 1.50AM ;D

1. ohhh Neil Patrick Harris and that lady from Glee were the main stars
2. Didn't know Reshmonu, Dennis Lau and Karen Kong was in this movie

-to be updated-

Yesterday : Missed Galactic Laser Sept Member's Day*The theme was Star Wars :'(
Event -link-

The Boys(Max and Wai Keong) and I waiting in Charles & Keith 1st Avenue while The Girls(Fany and Jing) shop

Monday, September 5, 2011



If you wanna know more click the -link-

Continued my spyness rendezvous with The 39 Clues Book: The Black Book of Buried Secrets after that at Borders Queensbay. Finished it in 2 hours

Morning back2college : 10-12PM Basic Radio Production canceled(reached only found out) so went to the comp lab to chill till 2PM for Eng Pronunciation. Class ended at 4PM bus came at 4.05PM, did a 200m dash to tha bus stop damn outta shape yo) 

Changed my blog layout but I think I'll save it till 22nd Sept 2011 when my blog turns 3 years old ;)
Oh a kid came up to me and started talking. She was like oh your listening to music and your enjoying the music. I was like wtf

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Merdeka | Raya Holidays 2011

Was on a holiday for the past week. Back to college tomorrow. I still have a ton to blog about

28/8/11 : So I've been playing with this online game + book series for a day and I can honestly say I'm addicted to it! Finished all the online versions(10 clues) now waiting for Dad to give me Books 123 that he called and asked if I wanted cause he thought I was reading this series. It was 50% for Books 12356 no 4 so I asked for 123 first.

31/8/11 : Elfeera down in Penang so we decided to go to Penang Hill today then Queensbay(Pics with her cause the ultra long Q and people made me lazy to take out Cameron. Oh Chih Pei was there but went back when I reached). I took a pica with Smurfs and met Chien Wen and Mei Shein(her mum spotted me at first and said isn't that your school mate or something I head)

3/9/11 : Went to Gurney for Kpop Talent Search Auditions(Chilled with friends like Justin Liew, Megan Low, Nicole, Wayne, Rishen, Carmen, JJ, Kevin, Mandy, Marcus, Min Li, Dixon, Preston etc) then Logo's Hope Floating Book Fair with Dad

Wanted to get this BUT it's RM40 each x.X
Group picture with Primadona(is that how you spell the name) and Min Li
Raya Merdeka Promo - 2 Original(Berry Crush/King William Choc) Free Kids (Cookies n Cream) Treated Mandy and Min Li
Logo's Hope
Ohhhh I forgot to mention. Sarah Chew left to Ireland to further her studies today. Wanted to send her off at KLIA but Dad decided to come back. So yeah called her at 7PM after my Gurney thing otw to Logo's and wished her safe journey there etc.

4/9/11 : Technically it was the 4th when I started cause it was past midnight when I was reading Book1
Special delivery : My Galactic Laser Membership Card from KL xD 
Book1 was amazing~ 
Finished Book2 in 2 hours, this Book3 haven't start yet but soon

Other news = A NEW POLAROID. The new Fuji Instax Mini 50s Piano Black just came out and it reaffirms my want for it. Anyone wanna buy for me?
Bday gift this year?
Beautiful right?

More info click -link-
Photojojo site to order one -link-
To place an order from a Malaysian blog dealer -link-
Watch a video -link-
Photojojo Store makes me wish I have unlimited money -link-
Oh my friend Sheryl posted a song on Youtube. Just wanted to share it here -link-
Does the character look like me? -linkSheryl thinks so LOL 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sarah Chew to Ireland

I wanted to send you off in KLIA today at 7PM but unfortunately my Dad decided to come back so I called you and now after visiting Logo's and currently in Old Town writing this for you. Well this is not goodbye but just a temporary pause in meeting each other(till you come back) I miss you already! So here's a couple of pictures we took together with the family.