Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Bloggy

[Logo's Hope again today. What a way to spent My Blog's 3rd Bday xD Took everything in B&W for a change]

Anyway back to the main point of this post...

On this day in the year 2008, I made a public blog for my friends who kept on asking me to show me their blog. I used to have a private one as my own personal online journal but since then I've been updating everything here.
The good and bad times I've gone through. The past and future experiences that I'll be going through and everything that is happening in my life. I can say I'm an avid blogger but I'm not the one who does it just so I can earn. I mean I have earned loads of stuff courtesy of my blog but that is because I enjoy what I do and wanna share it here. 

Something I look forward to this week = The WEEKEND!

Random updates : 
Instagram finally got their first update yesterday, the app icon looking damn fine. Now it's called Instagram v2.0 and you can read about it here

3D effect-ish?
Wanna bake some Instagrahams? The recipe here


I wanna visit Orlando, Florida so badly! One of the places in my list -link-

iWon Arthur's Day Exclusive Invites

3/9/11 : Joined a contest via Guinness Malaysia Facebook to win some tickets
4/9/11 : Did what the email said(change my name to Arthur, post a status and take a screenshot proof)
6/9/11 : Received a conformation saying I won a pair
15/9/11 : Joined a contest Ewin asked to support(EwinEe Taio Cruz Contest) Got Justin Liew, Jonathan Lim and Derrick Wong to vote for me. Ewin said he'll give me a pair LOL
16/9/11 : Josh Lim( and Advertlets) added me on Facebook and asked me to join the Johnnie Walker Jet Black in Singapore Contest(link) and he'll give me 5 pairs 
18/9/11 : Won a pair from Ewin and 5 from Josh Lim

I have 7 6 pairs in total for the party. Who wants to go with me?
Picture stolen from EwinEe Taio Cruz Pic

1 Elf
Jon Lim 2 friends = 1 pair
Derrick 2 friends = 1 pair 
Jon + Derrick = 1 pair
Max 2 friends = 1 pair
Max = 1
See you there!
Oh today's the "official" day for Arthur's Day yo~ RAISE YOUR GLASSES

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