Sunday, September 4, 2011

Merdeka | Raya Holidays 2011

Was on a holiday for the past week. Back to college tomorrow. I still have a ton to blog about

28/8/11 : So I've been playing with this online game + book series for a day and I can honestly say I'm addicted to it! Finished all the online versions(10 clues) now waiting for Dad to give me Books 123 that he called and asked if I wanted cause he thought I was reading this series. It was 50% for Books 12356 no 4 so I asked for 123 first.

31/8/11 : Elfeera down in Penang so we decided to go to Penang Hill today then Queensbay(Pics with her cause the ultra long Q and people made me lazy to take out Cameron. Oh Chih Pei was there but went back when I reached). I took a pica with Smurfs and met Chien Wen and Mei Shein(her mum spotted me at first and said isn't that your school mate or something I head)

3/9/11 : Went to Gurney for Kpop Talent Search Auditions(Chilled with friends like Justin Liew, Megan Low, Nicole, Wayne, Rishen, Carmen, JJ, Kevin, Mandy, Marcus, Min Li, Dixon, Preston etc) then Logo's Hope Floating Book Fair with Dad

Wanted to get this BUT it's RM40 each x.X
Group picture with Primadona(is that how you spell the name) and Min Li
Raya Merdeka Promo - 2 Original(Berry Crush/King William Choc) Free Kids (Cookies n Cream) Treated Mandy and Min Li
Logo's Hope
Ohhhh I forgot to mention. Sarah Chew left to Ireland to further her studies today. Wanted to send her off at KLIA but Dad decided to come back. So yeah called her at 7PM after my Gurney thing otw to Logo's and wished her safe journey there etc.

4/9/11 : Technically it was the 4th when I started cause it was past midnight when I was reading Book1
Special delivery : My Galactic Laser Membership Card from KL xD 
Book1 was amazing~ 
Finished Book2 in 2 hours, this Book3 haven't start yet but soon

Other news = A NEW POLAROID. The new Fuji Instax Mini 50s Piano Black just came out and it reaffirms my want for it. Anyone wanna buy for me?
Bday gift this year?
Beautiful right?

More info click -link-
Photojojo site to order one -link-
To place an order from a Malaysian blog dealer -link-
Watch a video -link-
Photojojo Store makes me wish I have unlimited money -link-
Oh my friend Sheryl posted a song on Youtube. Just wanted to share it here -link-
Does the character look like me? -linkSheryl thinks so LOL 

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