Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy 16th Birthday Debby Wong

oi when are we going to hang???

Monday, November 28, 2011

Holidayin Sri Lanka (19-28 Nov 2011)

Trying to edit/conbine my vlogs but failed. Here are some of the many(2kish) pics I me and my mum took that I like
Lets see if I can remember anything everything

Okay so we left the house at 7ish arrived by 8PM and met up with the group for our flight at 10PM. Had some trouble cause ours was a connecting flight to Colombo at 11PM and then the airport security cleared our documents in Penang in case we didn't have time to clear it in Kuala Lumpur. Arrived around 10ish and we rushed to our gate which is the other end of our arrival gate I might add but we did not see anyone around. I thought we were early or something. Turns out the flight left without us, all 13 of us I might add!!! Had a lil roughhousing with the people and they ended up giving us RM300 worth of Delifrance and a place to crash for 24 hours till the next flight which is on the next day. We were put up at this hotel called Empress Hotel with 3 meals and some free toiletries stuff in a bag. Headed to KLIA and reached at 9PM. Waited till 11PM then we were off to Colombo.

Arrived at like 4AM ish uhh x2 hours Malaysian time is like 6AM and straightaway crashed till 8-9AM which is like 3-4 hours of sleep before we left Rani Beach Hotel. We went to this coconut shack in the middle of the jungle then lunch at Hotel Elephant Bay while seeing a herd of naked elephants bathing followed with rain. After lunch around 2ish we visited the Elephant Orphanage and saw a few cheeky young elephants. After that went back to the hotel(Pelwehera Village Resort) for the night.

Morning 8ishAM for breakfast and juicing my gears before going to the World Heritage City of Sigiriya and visiting the museum(learning about the place) and then hiking up the gigantic rock. Stopped by at this spot to take a couple of pics before that. It was raining on and off throughout the day so I kinda fell sick due to it. Was already feeling under the weather due to "COUNTRY CHANGE"(okay that's a term I made up) Mum couldn't hike up so she "forced" me to. During the hike we had to pass this garden like area and I learned that the King had tones of concubines in pools, walked into a cave with drawings of more concubines from Vietnam and stuff, a Mirror Wall(it is to reflect the reflection of the King while he walks), saw the King's throne room or something, a Cobra Hood Cave and I planked throughout the hike. After hiking for like 3 hours or something we picked my mum up at Sigiriya Rest House then we went for lunch at Acme Restaurant. Again I was feeling sick during the journey and had very little to eat(spaghetti coke and mango) Stopped by a village and learned how to make rice, grate a coconut and posed with a elephant shelter thing. After that we headed back to the hotel.

On the third day we visited Polonnaruva. Museum(mum and I were like trying to find chairs to sleep in haha) then lunch at the Polonnaruva Rest House before embarking on another tourist site(Visited the Potgul Vihara Statue that we couldn't show our butts to while taking a picture with it, the Dalada-Maluva ruins and that was our World Heritage City of Polonnaruva stop) Nightfall we will usually end up in another hotel called Thilanka Resort and Spa. After classy dinner went to the lobby to surf the web only to find out we need to pay RM9 an hour. I did and got a prepaid card to use, mums gang went for the free 10 mins foot or shoulder massage from the spa.

Fourth day the group went for a morning temple hike(I stayed back with mum and lucky I did cause it was raining) Packed up and went for breakfast(last min everything was nearly gone) then the group came back and we left the hotel/visited the orchard and got all natural facial health lecture(con us buying the products) which took like the whole afternoon. Visited a temple(walked barefoot and it was freaking uncomfortable damn the rain played with my iPad2 and was told people took pics of me) Went to a cultural show(forgot the name) Stayed in another hotel halfway up the hills(like Cameron Highlands in Malaysia)

Fifth day stayed in the bus while the group went gem shopping(awesomeness mum and I got delivery a coke) Went up to Nuwara Eliya visited  Mackwoods Labook Elle Estate for some tea + chocolate cake to warm up, stocked up some supplies at Cargils Food City, washed up had dinner and stayed for a night(Mum and I had frozen brains and she randomly said look at the boob lamp). I was literary FROZEN cause it was damn cold. I didn't bathe LOL.

Sixth day Had breakfast at Grand Hotel Nuwara Eliya(RM90) was wasted cause I felt sick. Plus point I went to the lobby to surf the web. Took the train(Story = I put my iPad2 on the counter and this guy suddenly took it I grabbed it and he was pointing at the paint or something then he helped me clean it out) Had ice cream and yogurt. Lunch at Tea Castle St. Clair(It was awesome cause mum and I got to go up the tower, the staff suddenly asked us if we wanted to look around. I think need to pay)  The view was amazing! Bought some tea. Had a Grilled Beef Fillet Steak(not really nice. They flattened it so I could eat that rock) ended up at the first day hotel neighbor called Paradise Beach Hotel for the night.

 Last day we chilled around the hotel. The group went to the market/shopping. Mum and I just hanged out in our rooms. Dinner had literary THE BEST SEAFOOD ever in my life. It was so fresh I could smell the ocean. Headed to the airport at 10PM saw an F1 car bought some souvenirs. Arrived at KLIA waited for the 9AM flight I KO-ed. Reached home at 11AM

It was a nice experience and was good to finally get outta Malaysia but this is the last place I would even think of going for a holiday. It wasn't my choice though so I can't say anything about it. Didn't enjoy the trip much cause Cameron's focus was still off since WCA 2011 Langkawi and I didn't have time to repair it before the trip. It was about 5 days after Langkawi that I went for this trip. Took less pictures than I expected. 9 days(19-28 November 2011) going everywhere was exhausting and I'm glad I won't be coming here again ever! I kinda miss here though. Thank god there was WiFi and coke or else I wouldn't know if I could had survived haha(yes I lived everyday with this)