Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year 2012

My internet is down but I have enough speed to upload a picture of me with my lanyard of Hard Rock Pins ;)

Yesterday I went for a job interview at Hard Rock Penang but they told me to go study but they managed to get me a job if they need extra hands for functions and events during the weekends but the problem is its an irregular job. So I can't go to KL for the weekends as often as I like anymore in case they call me up to work. Missed the Facebook fans event but I bought 2 more pins again(Hard Rock Hotel Penang : Diamond Guitar Pick and Butterfly)

P.S : I miss him so much (x.x)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Evanescence LIVE in Malaysia 2012

Last min had tickets but way too late to go cause I'm in Penang not KL. Thanks cousin for telling me your giving me a pair an hour before the concert. I didn't go cause I didn't win tickets ;(
During my "dark days" this band has always been on replay till it made me feel better(weird)
I couldn't go for this because 4 days before I attended Avril Lavigne Black Star Tour LIVE in Malaysia 2012.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ghost Rider2

Amazing show! Must watch! Enough said!

Monday, February 20, 2012

KL Trip (16-20 Feb 2012)

Another trip down KL has ended.
16th night had dinner cause 2nd kor came back from US after 4 years(buffet at sime Darby convention center)
17th went to speedy 1U and bought Harry 1D album for Selina + Jellybeans
18th Hitz.FM contest date Jin Ryan for Avril Lavigne tickets. Avril Lavigne concert at Stadium Merdeka
19th Went for meatballs and experienced a super long Q never seen before in Ikea. Pin shoppin @ Hard Rock Cafe KL
20th Starbucks free tall caramel cream frappe(barista commented on my fedora saying nice hehe) Reached home at 7.30PM

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Avril Lavigne Black Star Tour LIVE in Malaysia 2012

After 4 years we meet again but this time you didn't do any meet and greet. Thanks to I won the best tickets to catch you live again. As amazing as always. I sang my heart out with you :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

KL Trip (3-11 Feb 2012)

Another trip down in KL has ended. This time I went cause of Wong Fu Productions LIVE in Malaysia on the 3rd and then 1D "Up All Night" Album Pre-Sale on the 7th and one big news was on the 9th I won tickets from Jin and Ryan for Avril Lavigne Live in Malaysia 2012 Black Star Tour concert ;) So stay tuned for pics and vids and all that! Still gotta update my last trip down which I haven't cause I've been going to KL every 2 weeksish. Evanescence on 23rd but I didn't win tickets so I went home on monday when the concert is this thursday

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tickets to Avril Lavigne Live in Malaysia 2012 from Hitz.FM


So from the tittle you know I've just won another contest but I keep asking myself what am I doing with life. I join all this contests and events but if it doesn't help me in the future then what's the point? Will this land me a job? Will this feed me? No, I keep asking myself why am I so keen in all this but not my studies.
What good is all this if its not a working job. It's my second year in college but I find myself slacking and failing. I try yes I do but my heart isn't there. I'm afraid oh yes I am~I pray someone would hear my cry and hire me so I would actually get a job attending events like this to feed myself.

After 4 years we meet again but this time you didn't do any meet and greet. Thanks to I won the best tickets to catch you live again. As amazing as always. I sang my heart out and was mesmerized by you once again~

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One Direction "Up All Night" Album Pre-Sale in Malaysia

The Malaysian 1D fans have caused many worldwide trends via twitter and now they were all gathered at 1Utama to show even more love to the boys of 1D by supporting their Up All Night album Pre-sale.

I attended this event because I wanted to experience the screams of the 1D fans. How LOUD could they get and I was proven that they could do that even when the boys weren't even here yet!

Well kicking off the event was the sale of the albums obviously. I saw a Q that was crazy long hours before the counter even opened at 2PM. Finally everyone started to buy the albums and I noticed that Zyan's was the most popular slipcase that was sold during the event.

My buddy Jin from was the MC and he was makin the crowd louder just by hinting about the boys coming down and seeing their tweets etc! It was fascinating to watch. Soon after that the activities started. Fans got a chance to win premiums by participating in the "singalong,(wait hold it! we had a flash mob doing their thang here) cheer and best playcard" contests. Fans also got the chance to win CDs from the Q&A session.

After all the fun and games, Sony Music Malaysia announced the first official 1D Malaysian fan club president. There were 5 finalist but only one could win and it was Khidmah!!! *cheers screams* The crowd went WILD~

The event ended at 5PM. I bought myself a Naill Album for the heck of it.

Stay tuned for pictures~

Pictures uploaded here on the One Direction Malaysia Fans page

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

The 39 Clues

Since 28/8/11 till finally 3rd February 2012 at 4 in the morning.
I have officially finished collecting all clues and became a member of the Saladdin League and part of Madrigal family. (spoiler = I was shocked when I found out the master serum had blood in it. I was like omg the Lucians took it as part of the serum? No offence to Lucians who are reading this. I just don't understand why the hell was I placed in Janus)
The last training's to become one was AWESOME because I was flown to somewhere in the United States to complete it.
Now that the clue hunt its over, I can't take a break because the Vespers are threatening us.
Now onto my next problem aka Cahill vs Vespers.