Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One Direction "Up All Night" Album Pre-Sale in Malaysia

The Malaysian 1D fans have caused many worldwide trends via twitter and now they were all gathered at 1Utama to show even more love to the boys of 1D by supporting their Up All Night album Pre-sale.

I attended this event because I wanted to experience the screams of the 1D fans. How LOUD could they get and I was proven that they could do that even when the boys weren't even here yet!

Well kicking off the event was the sale of the albums obviously. I saw a Q that was crazy long hours before the counter even opened at 2PM. Finally everyone started to buy the albums and I noticed that Zyan's was the most popular slipcase that was sold during the event.

My buddy Jin from Hitz.fm was the MC and he was makin the crowd louder just by hinting about the boys coming down and seeing their tweets etc! It was fascinating to watch. Soon after that the activities started. Fans got a chance to win premiums by participating in the "singalong,(wait hold it! we had a flash mob doing their thang here) cheer and best playcard" contests. Fans also got the chance to win CDs from the Q&A session.

After all the fun and games, Sony Music Malaysia announced the first official 1D Malaysian fan club president. There were 5 finalist but only one could win and it was Khidmah!!! *cheers screams* The crowd went WILD~

The event ended at 5PM. I bought myself a Naill Album for the heck of it.

Stay tuned for pictures~

Pictures uploaded here on the One Direction Malaysia Fans page

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